A Road Not Taken

A Road Not Taken is an emotional story about coming to a crossroads and having someone come into your life that may point you in a new direction. Jascha and Peter are opposites in many ways and perfect for each other because of it. Peter is at a very low point in his life and it could only be someone like Jascha who could shake him up - in a good way. Wonderful read about finding the light at the end of the tunnel after someone points in the right direction.

Jascha finds Peter sitting in a car along a deaerted road while on his way home. Peter reluctantly goes with Jascha and receives a crash course in a (to him) foreign way of life. Will something develop between these two opposites or is the spark of attraction doomed to die out?

Book Blurb for A Road Not Taken

Taking the road less travelled may lead you home.

Eco-house builder Jascha doesn’t think twice about taking in stray animals. Stray people? This would be a first. But there’s something about the stranded young man—who’s carrying nothing in his car but a hidden gun—that warns Jascha not to leave him alone.

Stuck in a soul-sucking bank job, Peter has given up on finding meaning in his life. Long ago he cut himself off from his creative side, unable to get over the feeling that everything about himself is wrong. He thinks there’s only one thing left to do—until the pushy, charismatic Jascha happens along what was supposed to be a deserted road, and Peter lets himself be bullied into following him home.

In the days that follow, Peter gets more of a crash course in the hippie lifestyle—natural food, meditation, yoga—than he can handle. But every time he begins to relax around his new friend, their spark of attraction twists him back into a ball of nerves.

Jascha tells himself it’s a mistake to get involved with a man whose gaydar is seriously broken. In spite of everything, love happens. The only question is if love is enough to save both their lonely souls.

Warning: Contains an eco-friendly, dreadlocked hippy, strange tofu scrambles and a bathroom you’ll never want to leave. Readers may experience the desire to move to the desert, build a “green” home and change the world. Or at the very least, an urge to help Jashca and Peter dry off after one very hot bath scene.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00