A Liar's Truth

The only home Christina Edmund has ever known has been invaded by a lord she has always been led to believe was evil. Will she and her family survive?

Lord Renault Brandon re-conquers what was his family's ancestral home. Should he, a man who has had vile rumors spread about him, let the man who took over his family's lands and spread the rumors live? And what of the man's family?

Christina heals his soldiers - something she would have done anyway, but does so when she also thinks she will be able to survive Brandon's supposed cruelty. Brandon, meanwhile, isn't as cruel as she was led to believe. Will the truth rule? Or will lies keep hold?

A Liar's Truth was a nice, quick read with great characters.  While I would, personally, have liked to see a longer story, the timeline was believable for the story's length. I would definitely recommend the novella to others and look forward to reading more of Ms. Garland's works.

Book Blurb for A Liar's Truth

Historical, Medieval

Moderate Sexual Content, Adult situations.

HEAT LEVEL: Sapphire

LENGTH: Novella

Ellsworth Castle is the only home Christina Edmund has ever known, and it has just been conquered by the evil Lord Renault Brandon. Now she is at the mercy of a man whose legendary cruelty has earned him such names as the Blood of Berlin, the Sorrow of Sicily, and the Agony of Athens.

When Christina finds herself face to face with the notorious Lord Brandon, she is stunned. Such a man should be no better than a slathering, red-eyed dog, but instead she finds him intelligent, loyal, and irresistibly handsome. He even has a sense of humor. How can this be the same unrepentant fiend who tortured, raped, and murdered his way across the known world?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50