A Hundred Fires

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A Hundred Fires

Fire & Ice Book 2

Angel Marquez Cienfuegos (one hundred fires in Spanish) meets Derik Grasso when Angel has a fight in Mexico and Derik joins Cristiano and Alex there to support Angel.

While Angel's careers is on the rise, his home life isn't all that great. Cristiano is his former lover and Angel has not gotten past that. Not only that, the Cuban government has exiled him for turning pro and will not allow his aging mother to leave the country.

Things change for Angel after he meets Derik (Alex's hockey buddy) because when fire meets ice, the chemistry is very steamy indeed.

Having read Fire and Ice, this reviewer was expecting a lot from the sequel. A Hundred Fires met those expectations and exceeded them. It is not only a story about how public and private personas intersect, but a story about overcoming backgrounds and how two seemingly disparate people can click. Lovely, recommendable read.

Book Blurb for A Hundred Fires

Genre: Contemporary Gay (m/m) Romance 
Pages: 145 
Flame Rating: 4 Flames 
When Angel met Derik...fire met ice...but this just isn't any fire. This one might just burn down the house.
Angel Marquez Cienfuegos...in Spanish, his last name means A Hundred Fires, and Angel is as fiery as they come. A hero in his home country of Cuba, he's used to getting what he wants...and what he wants is his former lover, Cristiano. Still torn up over the loss of his lover now happily involved with hockey player, Alex Hunter, Angel's career is on the rise, but the Cuban government is playing havoc with his family life.
Desperate to get his dying mother to the US so he can take care of her, the Cuban government won't allow her to leave the country. Angel is being punished for fleeing his country and turning pro--pro sports are illegal in Cuba. Determined to win back Cristiano and bring his mother to him, everything changes when he meets Alex's bad boy hockey champion buddy, Derik Grasser. The hard-scrabble boxer and rich hockey player make their own fire--on and off the ice in this sequel to Fire and Ice.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50