Sons of Scotland Book 1

This was an amazing story that I literally could not put down. It is rich with history and descriptions of people and places that made you feel you were there with the characters.

Alexander, was a boy when he was left by his mother at a monastery to be raised by the monks. He has devoted his life to God but has many unanswered questions as to why his mother never sent for him. Alex is asked to leave the monastery to become a tutor for MacAedh,Thane of Kilmuir's nephew and begins a journey with no guarantees of what is to come.

Lady Sibylla Mac William is the niece of MacAedh and is striving to to find her place in the world. She was left in care of her uncle and feels like she does not belong anywhere. When Alexander and Sibylla meet, they feel an attraction as two souls in search of answers and a place to belong. The attraction is almost palpable but Alex is torn because he has only known the monastery and knows not what God's plans are for him. Forces are in play with the actual lineage of these two, which comes to light and changes everything.

Victoria Vane has written a powerful and intriguing novel that depicts the life and times in great deal of 1100's Scotland. This story holds you mesmerized turning each page as quickly as you can to see what will happen. The ending leaves the reader with a longing to read the next book in this series as the journey will continue. I highly recommend this book to any and all readers.

Book Blurb for Virtue

A man without a past…

Abandoned at a monastery as a young child, Alexander serves two masters—God and the fading memories of his past life—the one he never got to live. As he nears the day to take his vows, he’s sent on a last sojourn into the real world, but what begins as a test of faith becomes a journey to manhood.

And a woman who doesn’t know her own heart…

Born from the line of two kings, Lady Sibylla Mac William is abandoned by her sire as a child and then ruled illegitimate. Though she lives a happy life under her uncle’s protection, Sibylla craves something more, but never could she imagine losing her heart to the would-be monk who unexpectedly arrives to tutor her brother.

Together, they will forge the future of a kingdom…

When dark secrets from the past come to light, Alex and Sibylla’s fates become inextricably entwined. Will Alex choose the safe and secure path he knows, or will he reject holy orders to embrace his true destiny… and the woman he loves?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.50