The Scoundrel and the Lady

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The Scoundrel and the Lady

Lords of Vice #1

This is the first book I have read by the author, but I will definitely read more! Within the pages of "The Scoundrel and the Lady" you get delightful characters and a wonderful plot.

Lady Iris Bennington, sister of the young Earl of Nickerson has a problem. Her brother, who she raised once their parents had passed away, is becoming a wastrel. It seems the cause is an advice column in a newspaper on how a gentleman should conduct himself! Iris confronts the owner of the newspaper, Merritt Steel, the Earl of Ashby, to try to have him remove his advice column. Merritt, who grew up in the working class and had only recently inherited the title of Earl, was very stubborn and made a wager with Iris in that if she won, he would take down the articles. What ensues is a delightful challenge that brings out hidden feelings and emotion. Iris and Merritt begin to have feelings for each other but try to hold tight to their convictions and fight it all the way.

In the end the author delivers readers into a fun filled world with this series starter.

Book Blurb for The Scoundrel and the Lady

Iris Bennington is furious when she discovers her younger brother is following the instructions found in the acclaimed advice columns on How to be a Gentleman. The so-called “advice” is more likely to turn her brother into a scoundrel than a true gentleman. Iris decides to locate the author of the columns and confront him.

Merritt Steel, the Earl of Ashby, cannot help but be amused by the slip of a woman who comes calling. Unwilling to let such a delightful potential conquest go, he proposes a wager: bring him anyone off the street and he can pass them off as a gentleman. It’s a bargain she readily accepts—but with a twist.

Their bargain proves to be a greater challenge than either anticipated. Merritt finds it near impossible to keep his hands off Iris, and she begins to see the undeniable appeal of ungentlemanly behavior…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.00