The Renegade Wife

Children of Empire Book 1

"The Renegade Wife" is an amazing story of two wounded souls who somehow seem fated to meet and be together. Meggie Blair is on the run and she has two sick children. Desperate to not be seen until she finds her grandmother, she comes upon a cabin in the woods and the owner is away. Wanting only to stay long enough until her daughter gets well, things are taken out of her hands when the owner returns. Rand Wheatly comes home from a business trip and finds the squatters in his home. Rage overtakes him because all he wants is to be left alone and he feels they are stealing from him. Thus begins their emotional journey which really tears at the heart.

Rand made me really tense until I started to understand the injuries he has endured. But as Rand and Meggie interact, Rand begins to come out of his shell and have feelings for Meggie and her children. Of course life is never simple and Meggie is afraid to be found by her abusive husband, but he does find her.

This story is about finding that life can be good under the right circumstances and the past can be put where it belongs, in the past. Caroline Warfield is the ultimate storyteller that makes the reader feel immersed in the life of the characters and the surroundings. "The Renegade Wife" is a story that will stay with my heart for awhile.

Book Blurb for The Renegade Wife

The Renegade Wife kicks off the new Children of the Empire series, companion stories to award-winning author Caroline Warfield's Dangerous series. Raised with all the privilege of the English aristocracy, forged on the edges of the British Empire, men and woman of the early Victorian age seek their own destiny and make their mark on history. The Renegade Wife is the story of healing and a journey home, of choices and the freedom to make them, set in 1832 in Upper Canada and in England.

Two hearts betrayed by love…

Desperate and afraid, Meggy Blair will do whatever it takes to protect her children. She’d hoped to find sanctuary from her abusive husband with her Ojibwa grandmother, but can’t locate her. When her children fall ill, she finds shelter in an isolated cabin in Upper Canada. But when the owner unexpectedly returns, he’s furious to find squatters disrupting his self-imposed solitude.

Reclusive businessman Rand Wheatly had good reason to put an ocean between himself and the family that deceived him. He just wants the intrusive woman gone, but it isn’t long before Meggy and the children start breaking down the defensive walls he’s built. But their fragile interlude is shattered when Meggy’s husband appears to claim his children, threatening to have Rand jailed.

The only way for Meggy to protect Rand is to leave him. But when her husband takes her and the children to England, Meggy discovers he’s far more than an abuser; what he’s involved in endangers all their lives. To rescue the woman who has stolen his heart, Rand must follow her and do what he swore he’d never do: reconcile with his aristocratic family and finally uncover the truth behind all the lies. But time is running out for them all.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50