The Redemption of the Shrew

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The Redemption of the Shrew

Scandalous Kisses Book 4

If you enjoy romantic, fun historical stories, you will thoroughly enjoy this one! You have two people who cared about each other, but it seemed every time they were together misunderstandings and stubbornness got in the way! Gloriana Warren was in love with Philippe, a french Marquess and all she wanted was for them to be married. But he wanted to wait until he had more money and when she could not convince him no matter what, she was determined to forget him. But as often happens, he turns back up in her life five years later, and of course, she schemes again to capture his affections and it really turns out terribly!

I felt so bad for Gloriana because she was so determined and at times almost irrational, but she knew what she wanted. But when something turns up stolen, her only thought is that Philipe took it. He ends up working with her to recover it from the man he knew stole it, so they were thrown back together!

These characters was frustrating at times but really wonderful in that they both needed each other. The path was winding and long to try to make it to their happy ending.

Prepare to be enchanted with all the great characters in this story that will keep you turning the pages until you can sigh at the end!

Book Blurb for The Redemption of the Shrew

Nothing is more painful than rejection—particularly when completely naked.

Gloriana Warren doesn’t want to wait for marriage. Beneath her shrewish exterior is a kindhearted woman who uses her fortune for good. It doesn’t matter that the man she’s set her sights on claims impoverishment. She’s in love and determined to marry him. But her attempt at a moonlight seduction ends in disaster.

French marquis Philippe de Bellechasse has had it up to his gorgeous dark eyes with being pursued by lusty ladies. His escape to England from the violence of the French Revolution took a toll on his finances as well. Gloriana may be gloriously naked, but he’s just not ready to submit to her seduction.

But when a precious family artifact is stolen, Philippe must convince Gloriana he’s not the guilty party. He’ll steal it back for her, but on his terms. Gloriana, believing he despises her, has plans of her own. Working at odds is dangerous, but working together can be more so. Is Philippe willing to risk his heart again for a deliciously tempting shrew?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.00