May Mistakes

The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 3

I was so excited to see another addition to The Silver Foxes of Westminster Series. I have enjoyed the first two in the series and "May Mistakes" was no exception. Merry Farmer has a gift for writing about the older hero, which is not usually captured in historical romance. This one finds Elaine, who has just lost her father, becoming almost defiant in her attitude and dress. Of course a lot of that was because of the books she had been reading from the local bookstore owned by Mr. Basil Wall. They had formed a strong friendship since the two years he had come to town to open the store. But with her eccentric ways, the townspeople wanted him to get Elaine under control and make her a respectable married woman. You see Basil had been in love with Elaine for awhile, yet never spoke of it to her.

But Basil had a secret that he never told anyone and as the truth finds him, everything changes. He is called back to London and Elaine, determinedly follows him.

When this story started my thought was this was going to be a fast delightful story. As the tale continued, it became complicated with large amounts of intrigue, strong emotions and several unexpected villains coming to life. As I quickly turned the pages I could not figure out if the two could come together at the end or not!

A fast paced, well written and suspenseful story, you will not want to miss!!

Book Blurb for May Mistakes

After the death of her father, Miss Elaine Bond had decided to embrace life as an independent woman…much to the chagrin of her neighbors. Her eccentric ways alarm the entire town of Brynthwaite, to the point where concerned friends turn to the only person they believe can settle Elaine into a respectable married life, mysterious bookseller Mr. Basil Wall.

Basil has been in love with Elaine since the moment he moved to Brynthwaite years ago, but the secret that drove him out of London and into the remote Lake District has kept him from declaring himself. At least until a twist of fate throws the two potential lovers together in a way that neither of them expected.

But what begins as a romance that is as charming as it is sultry turns into a game with far higher stakes when the infamous Missing Earl of Waltham is tracked down and dragged out into the light. And with the fate of Parliament—not to mention a bill increasing the rights of women—in the balance, Basil must choose between love and duty. Which leaves Elaine caught between what is right and what is proper, and leads her to an adventure far more daring than any of her Brynthwaite neighbors could dream of.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 4.00