Marry in Scandal

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Marry in Scandal

Marriage of Convenience, #2

Can a emotionally damaged hero and heroine save each other? This is my favorite trope because I love to see how two people help each other and find love in the end. Lady Lily Rutherford has a secret. She has always struggled with the ability to read and write but is really smart and has a great memory. But Lily is a heiress and thus she is abducted by a scoundrel from her past who wants her money. She is able to get way and is rescued by none other than Ned Galbraith, a renowned rake with no plans to marry. They had met at Lily brother's Cal wedding when Ned was the best man so it seemed all might be well! But as fate would have it, they were seen together alone and as the strictures of the times dictated, they had to marry to save her reputation.

There is so much to this story that grabbed me from the first page and left a smile as I turned the last. I love sweet Lily and her spirit even as she has faced so many barriers and it is wonderful to see problems we face today shown with her character. The same for Ned because he was mentally wounded from his time in the war and we see that now in so many men and women in the armed forces.

As Lily and Ned wed for convenience, can there be more? Can they heal each other?

Anne Gracie's wonderful prose and detail to the characters make "Marry in Scandal" a perfect story, filled with a lot of delightful secondary characters who will keep you entertained. I am looking forward to more in this series, although this can be read as a stand alone book. Do not let this one pass you by!

Book Blurb for Marry in Scandal

A shy heiress and a well-known rake face a scandal-forced marriage that might be true love in the latest irresistible romance from the national bestselling author of Marry in Haste.

Shy young heiress, Lady Lily Rutherford, is in no hurry to marry. She dreams of true love and a real courtship. But when disaster strikes, she finds herself facing a scandal-forced marriage to her rescuer, Edward Galbraith, a well known rake.

Despite his reputation Lily is drawn to the handsome Galbraith. In the gamble of her life, she agrees to marry him, hoping to turn a convenient marriage into a love match.

As heir to a title, Galbraith knows he must wed, so a convenient marriage suits him perfectly. But there is a darkness in his past, and secrets he refuses to share with his tender-hearted young bride. All Lily's efforts to get close to him fall on stony ground, and in desperation she retreats to his childhood home--the place he's avoided for nearly a decade.

Must Lily reconcile herself to a marriage without love? Or will Galbraith realize that this warm-hearted, loving girl is the key to healing the wounds of his past--and his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50