Earl of Wainthorpe

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Earl of Wainthorpe

Wicked Earls' Club

What to do when you are being used as a gambling prize by your guardian? Pray the other party loses? Pray they win because you can run away and take control of your life? Bianca Salisbury is faced with that dilemma when her guardian, Bertram Normand offers her up when he has no other assets to gamble. Unbeknownst to Bianca though, is that Pierce, the Earl of Wainthorpe and a member of the Wicked Earls Club, just wants to ruin Bertram due to him having a hand in his mother's death from years ago. But for Pierce, what starts out as a wager he knows he will win, becomes a purpose for him to help Bianca escape her guardian and provide her protection. In the classic, things are not always as they appear, Pierce is determined with the help of his three sisters, to protect her from further abuse. The more time he spends around her he realizes she is no simpering Miss and there is an attraction that sparks almost immediately. Read this delightful novella as only Collette Cameron can write and be prepared to be enthralled to the last page.

Book Blurb for Earl of Wainthorpe

Could she ever love the unrepentant rake who won her in a wager?

He didn’t gamble on losing his heart when he won her at the gaming tables.

Pierce, Earl of Wainthorpe has finally thwarted his worst enemy. Except, he can’t revel in his victory after winning his foe’s ward in a winner-takes-all wager. If Pierce refuses to assume Bianca Salisbury’s guardianship, the fiery-haired beauty with a matching temper may very well find herself sold to the highest bidder.

The shameful secret she guards makes it impossible to love a rogue.

Desperate to escape her blackguard cousin, Bianca Salisbury ventures to London to find a husband or employment. Instead, she’s bartered to a notorious rakehell. She either risks being compromised and accepts The Earl of Wainthorpe’s protection or flees him and her guardian. But without money and a place to go, she fears she’ll face the same tragic fate as her mother.

To protect Bianca from her cousin, Pierce spirits her to his secluded country estate. Neither he nor Bianca is prepared for their growing attraction and both dread the day he returns to London while she remains in hiding. Can Pierce persuade a wary Bianca to trust a reformed rogue, or does he depart, leaving his heart and love behind?

For a page-turning Historical Romance novel brimming with Regency England’s rakish dukes and rapscallion lords, read this passionate adventure sprinkled with suspense and humor. You won’t be able to put it down.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50