Earl of Destiny

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Earl of Destiny

A Lords of Fate Novel, #2

I truly enjoy everything K.J. Jackson writes. "Earl of Destiny" was no exception and it kept me enthralled from beginning until the last page was turned. This is a story of secrets, suspense, mystery and a coming together of two unexpected people.

Brianna Silverton, determined to never marry herself, focuses on finding her sister a suitable husband. She has had one experience with a man and vows never again and she keeps her secrets to herself. But her life is about to change when Sebastian, the Earl of Luhaunt, comes into her life. He is totally enchanted when he sees her across a ballroom. Was it love at first sight for him? He had not stayed in one place too long, but she made him want to do so.

I loved these two characters and their struggle to get to their happy end. Part of a series, this can be read as a standalone, but trust me, you will want to read them all!!

Book Blurb for Earl of Destiny

Life as a backdrop has its rewards.

Miss Brianna Silverton not only prefers life in the background—she depends on it. It makes it far easier to decide upon a proper husband for her younger sister, plus, it keeps her rooted as the spinster she is determined to be. She has secrets to hide, and she isn’t about to let another man touch her—never again.

He knew it the very moment he saw her.

A constant wanderer, the Earl of Luhaunt,Sebastian Rallager, never paused in one place for long. Not until the moment he saw Brianna across a crowded ballroom floor. Instinct had never failed Sebastian, and he knew it instantly—she was his. Now he just had to convince her of that fact.

Fate always finds a way.

Just as Sebastian begins to see that staying in one place might be exactly what he had been searching for, secrets of the past loom. Because Brianna is not only hiding herself from the world, she is hiding secrets that cannot see the light of day. Secrets that could destroy her, and the one man determined to love her.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.50