August Sunrise

The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 2

I was so looking forward to this second book of the Silver Foxes of Westminster because book one was fantastic. Well I was not disappointed and again, Merry Farmer has written a moving character study of Alex and Marigold's story.

Alex is of course the Silver Fox in this story as an older hero who has a place in Parliament and has been fighting for the rights of women. Marigold is the daughter of a wealthy man and has many suitors asking for her hand in marriage, mainly for the money. But she is made of much sterner stuff and at what was considered spinster age, she is determined to marry as she likes. Interested in Politics, she catches Alex's eye as he is debating on the floor at Parliament and with a little intervention, their match is almost set.

This is a story of a second chance for Alex on so many levels, trust and a strong desire for love. There are several surprises and many twist and turns that will keep you engrossed in the story and holding your breath to find out what happens!

Although part of a series, this can be read as a standalone. But I encourage you not to miss the first story and I cannot wait for book three!

Book Blurb for August Sunrise

Industrial heiress, Marigold Bellowes, knows that marriage is just another business transaction. She would, seeing as she’s been pursued by greedy men who only want her father’s fortune for years. But she’s determined to take her fate into her own hands and not to be a prize in a merger. So when she meets rising star of Parliament, Alexander Croydon, she sees a merger that would benefit them both instead of turning her into a useless ornament.

But Alex carries secrets that shield a broken heart. He finds Marigold clever and vivacious, dazzling at social events and sensual in bed, but he will not let himself get too close to her. Until a bitter twist of fate exposes James, Alex’s illegitimate son, and potentially the only heir he will ever have.

When revealing James as Alex’s heir makes the toddler a target for Alex’s enemies, Marigold and Alex must let go of their heartache to come together to save him. In the process, they discover a camaraderie that could lead to the love both have craved, a love that has been under their noses all along. But has it come too late, and is it enough?

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam Level: Very Hot

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.50