A Scandalous Deal

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A Scandalous Deal

The Four Hundred Series, #2

Fabulous! Joanna Shupe captures the spirit of 1890 New York in this fast paced story that I literally started and did not stop reading until the last page was turned. Lady Eva Hyde has been studying under her father, a famous architect in England since she was young. With her father's failing health and desperate for funds to survive, Eva takes a daring job in America representing herself in her father's stead. Philip Mansfield, a very rich and ambitious developer is waiting anxiously for Hyde to show up with his plans and get construction started on his hotel. When Eva shows up, he almost tosses her off the job. I mean, women did not work well on construction jobs and there is no way she would have the knowledge to oversee the construction. Eva is determined and Phillip decides to give her a chance with some very strict rules and with the understanding her father will show up soon. Of course he father never will come over but Eva hopes to have proven herself to the point it did not matter.

What really intrigued me from the start is how Philip and Eva actually met on the ship coming over to America. Neither knew who the other was, yet there were sparks flying between them enough to ignite the ship! Once they get together again, there are so many twists and turns as Phillip tries to resist Eva, but there is no way he can.

"A Scandalous Deal" had a little of it all with suspense, secrets and it showed the terrible corruption in this Gilded Age in New York history which I had never read much about. The secondary characters which included a few from the first book in this series "A Daring Arrangement" were evident and I loved to revisit them. Although this book can be read as a standalone, this first book was as amazing as this one! I cannot wait for more in this series and I hope it continues on forever!!!

Book Blurb for A Scandalous Deal

Joanna Shupe returns with another unforgettable novel set in the glittering world of New York City's Gilded Age...

They call her Lady Unlucky...

With three dead fiancés, Lady Eva Hyde has positively no luck when it comes to love. She sets sail for New York City, determined that nothing will deter her dream of becoming an architect, certainly not an unexpected passionate shipboard encounter with a mysterious stranger. But Eva's misfortune strikes once more when she discovers the stranger who swept her off her feet is none other than her new employer.

Or is it Lady Irresistible?

Phillip Mansfield reluctantly agrees to let the fiery Lady Eva oversee his luxury hotel project while vowing to keep their relationship strictly professional. Yet Eva is more capable--and more alluring--than Phillip first thought, and he cannot keep from drawing up a plan of his own to seduce her.

When a series of onsite "accidents" make it clear someone wants Lady Unlucky to earn her nickname, Phillip discovers he's willing to do anything to protect her--even if it requires a scandalous deal...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50