We're One

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We're One

[The Vicarage Bench]

There are some days when life knocks you down and you should just take the advice and stay down.  Unfortunately Ashley Parks (or Ash as his friends call him) doesn't seem to know when to quit.  Worse, Crystal Davis, his 'rescuer' doesn't seem to understand the meaning of quit either.  The two of them are a right fun pair to read about.  Whenever one has a solution, the other manages to bungle it and make it worse.  It’s a comedy of errors almost.

I liked Crystal, I thought she had a lot of spirit and certainly loved the fact she rescued stray animals.  They seemed to attach to her (a pregnant cat, her four kittens, turtle and two budgie birds were her current stable) and even though she says she will kick them to the curb, the amendment always is 'Soon'.  Her heart is just too soft for it.

Ash at first seemed little better then a big kid who couldn't play with his toys.  Crystal turned him down for a dinner so he got sulky.  His manner improved however, and I applauded him for it.  He was a little too autocratic for my tastes, but once he found out Crystal's story, he softened and became a little less bossy.

As for the conflict, it was pretty straightforward stuff.  There wasn't any real twists or shocks along the way.  It ended cleanly and happily.  Not much more you can ask for from a romance right?

Book Blurb for We're One

Recent historical Vintage Miniature rose
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 104
Crystal was a celebrated Vegas star with a strong affinity to the animal world—except for the human male animal, that is. When she uses her trusty baseball bat to change the odds for easygoing Ashley Parks, getting beaten in an alley below her apartment window, the two end up having to run for their lives from a killer who wants revenge.
Ashley’s first kiss arouses her and all she wants is for him to do it again and more - but no strings. All he wants is strings - and to keep her safe.
Her reaction to his chivalry..."You bungling idiot!!!? Everything's changed. It's you he’s after now.”

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.50