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A Major Ariane Kedros Novel

First, you have to read the first book Peacekeeper in order to understand this book at all.  A good third of the beginning is given over to exposition that glances over the facts of the first book.  That said you can commence reading the second book. 

Ariane is once again up to her neck in trouble, though to be fair some of it is leave over from Peacekeeper.  She isn't a reckless character, but circumstances and past events have made it hard for her to live a peaceful life...even if she wanted one.  She's guilt-ridden, fully accepting the death sentence that's being cried out, but she won't toss her life away when she can instead be using it to protect people.  Her determination to, not really atone for the past, but never make those mistakes again, make her a tough customer and driving force to be reckoned with.  Her partner Journey isn't a meek shade either, but Ariane is clearly in charge of the story.

As I mentioned above there's a whole boatload of exposition in the beginning that made this tough for me to wade through at first.  Even having read the first book within the last four months, I found myself growing weary of all the facts being thrown at me.  I wouldn't call this a light read for the casual science fiction or military-action fan, Reeves assumes that if you're reading the book then you're going to be able to keep up with the pace of the facts.  This isn't so with myself.  I thought this was less hardcore then it turned out to be and found myself reluctant to continue on with the book initially.

The latter half of the book is better, focusing less on what's happening every where at once and concerning itself more with Ariane and her dilemmas.  If you enjoyed Peacekeeper, then you're sure to enjoy Vigilante, but for casual fans this might be a lot to swallow to get to the interesting part.


Book Blurb for Vigilante

Amidst an uneasy peace between the Autonomists and the Terrans, Major Ariane Kedros and her partner,
Matthew Journey, have discovered alien ruins on a remote planet—ruins that bear evidence to an ancient and highly advanced technology. But their discovery has drawn the interest of high stakes players from every corner of the universe—including that of the rogue leader of a fringe Terran sect. Ari must find a way to stop him, before they all become ancient history...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.50