Vauxhall Vixen

Do you believe in destiny?  That's the basis of this short story set in 1824.  Maxton had a dream months before of a thoroughly erotic time with a veiled woman.  While helping another young girl he meets the new courtesan the 'Vauxhall Vixen' and they share a night of passion.  This sparks a persistent need in them that goes beyond simple lust.

The story moves at a quick pace, going from encounter to encounter with only some time spent otherwise.  This works well for their relationship since they both dive in head-first and worry over the particulars later.  It was refreshing to read about a heroine who not only understood about needs but who didn't lament her fate.  Vivian actively sought out the position as a courtesan, realizing it was a perfect way to earn the money she needed to buy a cottage for herself and her mother.

Maxton, for his part, was about as gentlemanly a guy as you could ask for.  He was the perfect candidate as Vivian's first customer and possibly ruined her for anyone else besides.  And the sex scenes?  Perfectly enjoyable, if a little awkward at times (they liked to talk a lot, which I found a little bemusing).

There is no real 'obstacle' to their relationship, other then their social classes being so vastly different, but as Maxton explains, doesn't really matter anyhow.

Book Blurb for Vauxhall Vixen

Book Length: Novella
David Huntley, Viscount Maxton, has met the woman of his dreams. For several months he has been aroused by a very erotic vision in his sleep. A veiled woman comes to him at night in a garden and they have amazing sex.
Vivian Cassell has recently moved to London to become a courtesan. Wearing a veil to maintain anonymity, she offers her customers unique services as the “Vauxhall Vixen”. When her first customer is abruptly removed from the scene, Vivian chooses David as her alternate escort.
David is delighted to discover the woman in his dreams is real, and Vivian’s romantic nature is touched by David’s courtesy and appreciative manner. But can their relationship become more enduring than prearranged sex?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.50