Vampire's Pet

The last quarter of the book kind of threw me. On the one hand I understood why the author made the decision she did, it more firmly entrenched the two into a deeper relationship that was inescapable now. But it felt like such an easy out to obtain that deeper relationship. Up to that point I really liked that Gwyneth wasn't just falling for Todd's spiel hook line and sinker. She did what any rational woman would do when suddenly confronted with a vampire--she made her escape.

My question becomes--why did the change in the nature of their relationship suddenly make her just...toss all those things aside? The token acknowledgment that with change she gained a different understanding was weak at best. It felt as if O'Connor decided that Gwyneth and Todd had fought long enough now it was time for them to get it on without Todd's angst or Gwyneth's self-consciousness.

The book began well and it continued developing at a good pace. Todd's angst over his newfound feelings for what pretty much amounts to dinner on legs (ie: Gwyneth) was actually rather amusing. His darker impulses would be like 'come on man just do it!' and his new kinder impulses would say 'No no that's a bad idea. Take it slow!' Meanwhile Gwyneth was fighting the need to jump his bones.

The world is a bit flat and just there. We're not given much indication about vampires, and what we are told is puzzling at times. Like Todd's sister Claudia's interest in humans' wellbeing. Other than Todd's speculation that it's what keeps her from becoming bored, we're not really given any idea of why she does it. Likewise Gwyneth's family stops being important eventually. Even though there was a pretty nasty incident, I can't believe that her aunt would just write her off.

Overall this was an entertaining read, good for a slow afternoon or late night vampire fix.

Book Blurb for Vampire's Pet

For a bored vampire, a charity ‘service’ auction seems as good a place as any to pick up his next meal. For Gwyneth Reilly, unwilling participant, it’s all horribly embarrassing. Being sold? Ewww.

But how bad could it possibly be? After all, it was only dinner with a handsome stranger. Nothing else! The way he kept nuzzling at her neck may have been a little strange, but Gwyneth certainly didn’t realise that she was slated to be the main course! 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.75