Vampire Seduction

There is something very awkward about Vampire Seduction that mostly has to do with Anya and Lance. The author is at pains to remind us of their long-held mutual, but silent, attraction for one and other.  Their deep feelings that's they've kept in check for so long, but there is very little evidence of that.  There is plenty of evidence of their attraction and lust, as well as Lance's protective instincts for Anya, but I didn't buy this deep abiding love they had for each other.

Also much of the plot felt contrived to make us feel like there was deeper feeling between Anya and Lance then there really was.  We understand; Anya is a wolf magnet and tends to never listen and needs to be rescued very often.  Lance is an old vampire and has had tons of meaningless flings while waiting for the one.  Exposition is rife in this story.

By contrast I enjoyed Anya's older brother Cade--who was rescued and 'turned' by Lance some years ago--even if he went hot and cold towards the thought of Anya and Lance together.  There wasn't any resolution to whether Anya's parents would accept Lance as a son-in-law (we're told, at least a dozen times, that they wouldn't, that they didn't approve of his lifestyle and only reluctantly tolerated the fact Cade was a vampire)) and I can only imagine what they're reaction would be to the change in Anya's circumstances at the end of the novel.

The end result of the story is entertaining, but not entirely memorable.  None of the characters felt more then just standard representations of stock characters found in a paranormal romance.  In fact, other than some unintentionally humorous lines on Cade's part, everyone was very one-note and flat.

Book Blurb for Vampire Seduction

Book Length: Novella 
Heat Level: Hot 
Word Count: 15,000 
Anya Vermont loves her older brother's best friend. Not that she would openly admit the fact. The morning after Lance rescues her from a pack of hungry wolves, his fierce protectiveness turns into a carnal encounter. What girl can resist naked, hard-muscled body on sexy bloodsucker designed for sex?  
Lance Marquis saved Anya's brother years earlier, after a vampire attack. Even though death will soon be at his door since he refuses to feed, he decides to give into his desire for Anya.  
As death lurks in the wings, with a lot of seduction at hand, eternity may take on a completely new meaning, if the vampire dares.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 2.50