Under A Halloween Moon

This was a short sweet holiday story. This had a homey feel to it, a reassuring acknowledgement that magic can be found in even the simplest of things. Annika, a divorced single mother raising her daughter Mindy and Cameron, a single father with a daughter of his own, clicked on a realistic level. They bonded over their daughters, who were best friends and the tribulations of chasing energetic five year-olds on Halloween night.

It was also refreshing that this wasn't a fasted paced courtship process, but was still filled with attraction. Neither Cameron nor Annika were teenagers at the mercy of their hormones, but they were both adults who had been hurt in the past. At least I'm assuming Cameron was, we learn very little about Cameron's previous relationship with Livvy (his daughter)'s mom. Actually, other than his immediate past and his job we learn next to nothing about Cameron. The majority of background is given to Annika.

Other than wanting to know more about his past this was an enjoyable read and definitely set the mood for Fall and Halloween for me!

Book Blurb for Under A Halloween Moon

Contemporary Sweetheart Rosette
Rating: Sweet Page Count: 42

Single mother Annika lives a safe existence centered around her five-year-old daughter, a little imp who is growing up faster than Annika wants to admit.

Cameron is a widower working constant overtime to cover for a partner on leave, which leaves no time for his five-year-old daughter, let alone a social life.

But then Cameron has no interest in the women focused on his long eyelashes, the fit of his jeans, and the size of his paycheck, and Annika has steered clear of the turmoil of relationships ever since her divorce. Are the two destined to remain single?


Until the Halloween moon when Cameron crosses paths with the bewitching single mother of his daughter’s best friend, and a weekend of mischief, masquerade and magic convinces Annika to take a chance on love.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00