The Ghost and Patrick Tomlinson

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The Ghost and Patrick Tomlinson

Book 3 in The Ghost and Romance series but may be read as a stand-alone story.

The Ghost and Patrick Tomlinson, though being the third in the 'Ghost' series, stands above the other two in that Patrick is a vexing man, but so much fun to read.  He's unique in that he has the most ridiculous thoughts and actions to the most mundane things.  His initial meeting with Kathryn has him practically hiding in the shrubbery to get as far from her horse as possible.  Kathryn, having nearly bowled him over and acting even less proper, then proceeds to admonish him for being on private land.  It's his private land, but she doesn't realize it quite yet.

The two of them are like sparks igniting each other and then separating to cause collateral damage.  Their initial anatognism towards one and other, she is awfully fond of the very animal Patrick is scared witless of, softens towards a more amiable relationship after an unusual arrival.  The undercurrent of Kathryn's reprobate Uncle's schemes and plots occasionally helps along their feelings as well.

Her Uncle was of the worst order.  He tries almost everything--including abduction and sedation!--to wed Kathryn to his weak-kneed, lily-livered son.  His reasons are typical and full of greed, but he showed a lot of tenacity all things considered.  He finds himself in a heap of trouble coming from several angles, but he keeps trying!  He was nothing if not determined.  His son, who wasn't a bad sort really, just a coward and wuss, doesn't actively encourage the marriage, but he passively agrees to it through his own weak will and inability to stand up to his father.

As in the other two novels, the 'Ghost' (or rather Ghosts I suppose?) are lively spectators and instigators.  Their comments are some of the more amusing and entertaining since often they don't feel a great need to 'hold back' for politeness sakes.  Though characters from the past novels make appearances, this truly can be read as a 'stand alone' novel or as part of the overall series itself.  Allusions to the past novels aren't frequent or confusing and any explanations needed are given.

The 'final' act of this series was recently released as well within the Cerridwen Press Christmas Anthology 'Christmas Spirits' and features Jenna, a character who is fairly prominent throughout the course of the novel.

Book Blurb for The Ghost and Patrick Tomlinson

The late Lord Everston’s heir doesn’t know whether to bless or curse his benefactor. Patrick Tomlinson, afraid of horses since childhood, has been left a lodge in hunt country in the midst of the most horse-mad of men. Worse, he must live there a year if he’s to inherit.
Local women are also enamored of the fearsome beasts. Lovely Lady Kathryn Breden, his neighbor, is definitely horse-mad. Kathryn, discovering his fear, is determined Patrick will overcome it and learn to ride. But their lives and growing love are complicated by an uncle who, coveting Kathryn’s fortune, sets hurdles in their way, encouraging a marriage between Kathryn and his son.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50