Storm of Reckoning

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Storm of Reckoning

Reckoners Trilogy, Book 2

Part of the problems I had with the first book was in the fact Garrie wasn't given enough details early enough. The threat that she faced, the Krevata, wasn't fully explained until Trevarr nearly died. Then he felt like Mr. Information, though even then he kept a lot back. The other problem was in how repetitive the Reckoners could be. We made definite headway on the first issue and some headway on the second issue in this second novel.

The introduction of Quinn and Robyn was both kind of welcome and a little baffling. During the Winchester House incident Quinn wasn't with the team, he opted to stay behind with his books (for personal and common sense related reasons). However whenever he was on the phone with Garrie he wanted to have the talk. Mind you I'm still confused as to what the talk was about, but it definitely had to deal with their personal shared history. So I expected him to try to have the talk in this book, since they were all together again, but...nothing. Other than some meaningful glares towards Trevarr, veiled censure and snappy remarks they didn't talk about it at all.

Part of that could have been Robyn--his highly skeptical, highly manipulative, highly annoying ex-girlfriend who's entire reason for calling him to Sedona seemed to be for a booty call. Or to see if he would still jump to do her bidding. Probably both. She was not pleased by the team's appearance. She made that displeasure very very evident. She made her derision for what they did very evident. Heck she was given hard to counter proof and she still acted like they were fortune tellers at a carnival trying to con her of her money.

I thoroughly disliked her. She could not, for even a second, relent. Garrie tells her an angry ghost tore up her shop--oh Garrie must be lying to be impressive. Lucia tells her that the spirits are not happy with the way things are--Lucia must be having a mental episode. Quinn even tried to explain to her that she's being a hag and she ignored him! Though truth be told I wasn't keen on Quinn either since he was alternately bristling with jealousy over Trevarr, disapproving of Garrie and for most of the book completely dissing the Reckoners so that Robyn wouldn't get mad at him. When he finally seems to understand Robyn was being extremely rude and offensive, he kind of felt bad. But was still a Robyn Apologetic.

Consequences from what happened between Garrie and Trevarr--when they shared power to defeat the Krevata--run amok. Not only in her physical appearance (blue-silver streaks, iridescent skin) but in how she interacts with her power. She got a level up in terms of power, but with it came a whole lot of cautionary tape. The problem that Trevarr had, with his 'other', got passed onto Garrie, but she's even less capable of controlling it. Simple things quickly spiralled out of control as Garrie tried to come to grips with what was happening. Trevarr, as usual, was rather tight-lipped about it.

A lot of the growth in Trevarr's character we see is seen through others' eyes. Sklayne, still my favorite character, slowly begins to understand just what Garrie has changed in Trevarr. It scares him, makes him worried and fretful, but at the same time he's grateful to Garrie for giving Trevarr a chance to be more than he was. We learned more about his kind as well as what drew him to Trevarr in the first place.

We learn and experience a lot about Lucia. Not just who she is, but the strength she possesses. Her strength of purpose now that she's with the Reckoners. Her belief that no matter what Garrie is an absolute. She's also got some of the best lines (next to Sklayne).

The plot-plot, about Sedona's vortexes and etheral energy being warped and drained, was just as creepifying as the Krevata. Maybe more so because these were humans and that made it worse actually. The Krevata were pretty much indifferent. They came after Earth because it was easy and there, not because of any malice towards humans. The Sin Nombre cult messed with humans and the environment because it gave them pleasure to do such things. It was a difficult challenge for the Reckoners because humans aren't their normal foes.

It simply amazes me how much action Durgin can pack into so few pages without losing sight of the goal at hand. She switches between viewpoints (all third person limited) several times throughout the chapters, but for a few instances I wasn't confused at all. It gives a much more detailed and broader understanding of what's going on and the different motivations or actions everyone takes.

The ending! Imagine a perfect way to end a battle, things looking bright and if not cheery at least better than they were. Wounds are healing, plans are made and all you have to worry about is whether or not you should let your fashionista best friend pick out your clothes anymore. Now shred that up, put it through the grinder and for extra measure light it on fire--yeah that's pretty much what happens to Garrie and Trevarr.

With Garrie's proclamation at the end I am looking forward to the third book for certain!

Book Blurb for Storm of Reckoning

The Reckoners: A powerful ghostbuster raised by a spirit, her brilliantly eccentric backup team, a cat who isn't a cat at all--and a fiercely driven, otherworldly bounty hunter turned battered exile, all of whom now face the consequences of their tangled worlds....

Lisa "Garrie" McGarrity just fought a battle of cataclysmic energies alongside a man who turned out to be not from this world at all. Now she no longer seems quite familiar to herself...or quite under control. But she'd better figure it out fast, because she and her ghostbusting reckoners team have detoured to Sedona, where a friend desperately needs occult assistance--and where fiercely driven, half-human bounty hunter Trevarr keeps glancing inexplicably over his shoulder.

It doesn't help that the intense ethereal breezes and vortexes of the Red Rocks have gone utterly silent--and that the regional ghosts, when they do appear, are targeting Garrie.

With a rogue entity on the loose, Trevarr's not-cat bond partner also hinting at dire trouble on their trail, and Trevarr himself resting uneasily on exile, Garrie is running out of time to figure out just what's happening to herself--and to the Southwest--and to put a stop it it.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.25