Stitches in Time

Stories set in Ireland always give me pause, since honestly getting Irish cant correct can be a bother (even for native speakers).  A lot of the lilt in the language is better heard then seen on paper (like the Scottish brogue).  Hunter does a very good job though of making Seamus (the leprechaun)'s accent seem both honest and over the top.

What I enjoyed most about Stiches in Time was that it wasn't quite what I was expecting.  There's a little paranormal, a little D/s and a little bit of good old fashioned wooing as well.  It takes a little while for Maggie and Liam to become something other then two dimensional versions of themselves, but Hunter makes up for the initial lack of depth.  At over seventy pages in length there isn't a whole lot of room for a slow development of the romance, but Hunter makes it plausible all the same.

Maggie wants Liam, but is so driven to be exactly what her father wants in a heir apparent that she pushes that away.  Liam wants Maggie, but figures her to be too closed-off.  Seamus just wants to be let out of the tapestry finally.  The three together find an answer that pleases them all greatly and in the end wraps up all the loose ends as well.  I felt the resolution to Maggie's problem was a little too pat, and that she accepted it with far less cynicism then she had displayed all throughout the story, but that's a minor problem in a story that overall made me a happy Irish (American) lass.

Book Blurb for Stitches in Time

When Liam Finnerty agreed to let the boss’s daughter accompany him on a business trip, the last thing he expected was to get lovemaking advice from a leprechaun.
When a scrap of tapestry in an old boutique forces Maggie Andrews to confront the demons that have made her life miserable for the past several years, she admits her life is on the wrong path.
Now all leprechaun Seamus O’Brien must do is get the two of them to see what is right before their eyes.
Publisher’s Note: This story was previously available in the Irish Enchantment anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00