Night Mares in the Hamptons

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Night Mares in the Hamptons

A Willow Tate Novel

I unfortunately didn't enjoy this venture with Willow as much as I did the first volume. What had been cute and quirky quickly became annoying and repetitive this time around.

As intriguing as I find Willow's ability as a Visualizer, I would have thought her main goal would have been to learn how to control her power so it didn't run amok like in the first book (A TROLL IN THE HAMPTONS, as you can guess the title tells it all). There is also the matter of her fianc‚e sending a flirty, hot, cowboy to help her...either he has no trust issues in that department or wasn't thinking very clearly.

What I did find entertaining relies mainly in that these books aren't any one genre. Mystery, paranormal, romance, satire...Jerome includes all of this in the Willow Tate novels. The residents of Paumanok Harbor are lively and quirky--they certainly give poor Willow a run for her money as she searches for normalcy in her life once more. Now that she's more or less blossomed into her power they all feel no real need to hide their secrets any more either.

In the end though Willow's neurotic little ticks (which were cute in TROLLS, but quickly wore on me in NIGHTMARES), and unmemorable storyline left me feeling meh by the conclusion. This is a light read, diverting in its own way, but also lacking substance to keep me engaged for long periods of time.

Book Blurb for Night Mares in the Hamptons

Graphic novelist Willow Tate is a Visualizer, able to draw images of beings from the realm of Faerie, bringing them from their world to ours in the process. After a ten-foot-tall red troll follows her from Manhattan to Paumanok Harbor in the Hamptons, Willow realizes that many of her relatives and their neighbors possess psychic talents-truth- knowing, scrying, weaving wishes, picking lucky numbers, and more.

So when magic and mayhem return to Paumanok Harbor, and Willow is called upon to rescue the town, she enlists the local talent. Three magical mares are searching the Long Island village for a missing colt, and their distress is causing sleeping nights, bad tempers, and dangerous brawls among the gifted but peculiar residents.

Though the Department of Unexplained Events sends Willow a world-famous horse whisperer, Texan Ty Farraday seems more interested in whispering in her ear than in rescuing the kidnapped colt whose terror only Willy can feel. Even with help, she still has to struggle with snakes, drug dealers, tourists, hidden caves, a mad scientist-and the almost overwhelming distraction of that sexy cowboy...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.00