Miss Bannerman and The Duke

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Miss Bannerman and The Duke

There's no doubt in my mind that Miss Bannerman and the Duke was an enjoyable read. Having cut my teeth on regency romances as my introduction to the world of romances, I was excited to find that Musa Publishing was publishing the 'traditional' regencies. However I was disappointed in that the book itself relied more than a little heavily on clich‚s to drive itself along.

I found that rather than giving weight to the reason why Rose and Perry were at odds with each other, Miller relied on a variety of obstacles to forestall the eventual declarations of love. They were both also very contradictory in action and words; Rose spends a good deal of the book proclaiming she will marry for convenience so that her fragile sister can marry for love. Yet Perry offers just that--after a foolish and childish prank on her part--and she's nothing but tears and unhappiness because she doesn't want a loveless marriage with him. Perry meanwhile vacillates between being worried his lusty nature is upsetting her and complaining to his sister that Rose is too childish and immature to be a proper Duchess. Yet practically every thought in his mind is how much he misses her.

Together they were fun and I liked that Rose told Perry her mind more often than not. I think too much is made of how arrogant Perry is--he doesn't seem half as much as everyone keeps claiming honestly. I found it odd that Perry is such close friends with Rose's brother David and yet she hadn't seen nor heard about him in five years. The supporting characters are, by and large, given a wide swath for personality. Her mother is a marriage-minded mama, her twin sister Millie is fragile and sweet-natured, her father wants what's best for her and Richard is an affable chap. There isn't very much to any of them other than to act as props for the story itself.

This was a light fluffy read that doesn't require a lot of thought. As I said, this is an enjoyable read for a lazy afternoon when you just want a bit of amusement.

Book Blurb for Miss Bannerman and The Duke

The Duke is proud and Miss Bannerman prejudiced--can they reconcile their differences?

Rose Bannerman is willing to save her family from ruin. Her twin, Millie, is far too sensitive to marry for convenience, so Rose must do so.

She has loved Perry, the Duke of Bentley, since the schoolroom, but he would never consider her for his bride.

When they become reacquainted, Rose finds the Duke arrogant and Perry considers her pert. He believes Millie is a more suitable match.

Rose takes Millie's place on a carriage ride and pretends to kiss him. Her intention is to embarrass him; she doesn't realize her impulsive action will compromise them both.

Perry is obliged to offer for her, an arrangement neither party is happy with.

Can Miss Bannerman and the Duke put aside their differences and make this arrangement work?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50