Love and War

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Love and War

Love and War was a simply charming read.  It did not feel like it was forty odd pages long at all.  This was definitely a character driven story, and at that mostly around Selena and her reactions towards her husband, Gyles (Lord Deveraux) and the mystery of her marriage.  Its very clear early on how she feels about Gyles, but its made equally clear that she wasn't going to let her feelings make her into a complete sap.  She has gumption and a strong will to either work things out or at least live contentedly. Sele refused to dwell on the unhappy uncertain future she had.

Andersen manages to flesh out many of her characters remarkably well given the length of the story.  Gyles definitely comes across as a man who has great affection for his wife, but at the same time didn't want to cause her harm by forces he couldn't control.  The minor characters--Selena's sister and family, a couple of Gyles friends (and enemies)--are little more two-dimensional, but they are really only meant as plot devices to further the story.

All in all, Love and War was an enjoyable read with a satisfyingly happy ending.

Book Blurb for Love and War

She couldn’t accuse him of paying her Spanish coin! Gyles Devereux made it clear he had no wish to marry at all but was constrained by his circumstances. She could not be expected to keep refusing Lord Devereux, she thought crossly. She was only flesh and blood after all. What woman on earth could resist the pleas of a man such as Devereux?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50