Lady Elizabeth's Choice

This story is a loose sequel to Madam Charlie.

Normally I wouldn't condone a man kidnapping a woman and then autocratically dictating that she is his and that he'd prove it to her.  Often that's the villain's reasons for kidnapping a woman and who wants to side with the bad guy?  I've made an exception for Spencer however.  His boyish excitement upon telling his butler Tedson about his plan is more charming then menacing.

And to be fair, Elizabeth was being a bit of a goose to begin with.  I can understand her need for security and affection, instead of a cold disdainful marriage that slowly kills her soul, but she seemed to go from one extreme (Spencer) to another (Gregory).  Her heart wasn't really in that 'safe' marriage to Gregory however, if how quickly she gave in to Spencer is any indication at any rate.

I liked their chemistry together.  I could feel their passion and mutual appreciation for each other.  Lust certainly played a role in their feelings, but more than that, they could think of small details of the other that endeared them almost as much.  They also listened to one and other, striving to understand what had happened to their relationship six months ago.

The precursor to this, Madam Charlie, isn't a necessary read.  The events that focused on Spencer and Elizabeth are well covered in the story and whatever else happened in Madam Charlie had little to do with the overall plot of Lady Elizabeth's Choice. A nice addition was the short note from the author at the beginning, shedding some historical light on when the story takes place (1816, just after Wellington's victory) and the weather conditions that are so remarked upon (and rather important to some of the story).

Book Blurb for Lady Elizabeth's Choice

Book Length: Novella
Several months ago she gave herself to him, body and soul, during a night of sexual enlightenment that changed her world forever. But since then, Lady Elizabeth Wentworth has reached a decision she believes is right for her. And her erstwhile lover, Sir Spencer Marchwood, isn’t part of it. She hasn’t forgotten him…how could she? He took her from innocent girl to sensual woman in a night of extraordinary delights. Such memories cannot be denied, only buried, relegated to her past as the private indiscretions of a foolish and impetuous girl.
Spence is upset. He’s plagued by memories of their passion, hungry for the taste of her lips and eager to hear her cries of pleasure once more. And it looks like that’s not going to happen ever again. He hatches a strategy to get Elizabeth’s attention and land her back in his arms—naked. Once that occurs, Spence knows he can take her to the edge of madness and beyond. It all comes down to one pivotal moment…the moment of Lady Elizabeth’s choice.
Publisher’s Note: Available in print in the Forbidden Fantasies anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00