Kindred Spirits

Book Two - Nethercott Tales

Prior knowledge of the first book, Lost in Shadow, isn’t really needed for this book. Any important information regarding Jade’s adventure is relayed and doesn’t really impact this story at any rate.
I enjoyed this book much moreso then the first book, but not for the romance. It started out quite promising, but it seemed somewhere in the middle that China just…gave up and gave in. She went from thinking that it was entirely wrong for her to be so intimate with the Major to succumbing and agreeing to a night time meeting! Then also very little was spoken between the two about love or even what their future held. Admittedly China was laboring to keep him alive and the Major was being a pain in the butt, but I would have thought once he began to believe her something would have been said.
The mystery for this book was no less interesting then in the first and even added in some Old Magic problems that made no sense at all and seemed almost irrelevant. An Old God had a grudge against Quintus so it terrorized a random countryside in England to get to his descendants? That part left me confused and I did my best to ignore it.
Who was presenting a very real and very human problem however was up in the air for much of the book and I was pleased with the ending and mystery surrounding the culprit.
In the end while I enjoyed this book, it left me very confused on some (supposedly) important plot points.

Book Blurb for Kindred Spirits

The Nethercott sisters return-and start believing in ghosts

The Nethercott sisters-China, Jade, and Sian-recently lost their beloved father, who believed in ghosts with all his heart. Still, China is shocked when she sees a ghost in a Roman centurion's garb. Quintus Valerius is cursed to remain on earth until he can save one of his descendants from murder-work that has been done in vain, until now. With the help of China, he intends to save Alexander, Major Lord Braddock.

Although Alexander balks at taking advice and protection from a ghost and a woman, China still can't keep herself from thinking of the handsome war hero in some very improper ways. But she's soon to learn the second half of the curse that Quintus forgot to mention: China's destiny may be tied to Alexander's-and equally deadly.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.50