Irish Kiss

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Irish Kiss

Sizzling is an appropriate description of this short story.  Almost from the first paragraph Gavin is hot and ready, though truth to tell he's been waiting 6 long months and its been a sort of hell for him.  Meanwhile Cassidy has also been hot under the collar for Gavin and has been burning for his touch.  Certainly Gavin saving Cassidy from a bad situation works out well for them both, but that's pretty much when the tension stops.

There's sexual magnetism, and the author knows how to make the scenes tempting and scorching, but after the initial frenzied sex (in the bathroom no less), there's no doubt they're together for keeps.  Even when their job, which they thought was through and over, comes calling to push a wedgeblock I never had a sense that it meant very much overall.

Between Gavin's possessiveness and Cassidy's rather inappropriate feelings at the scene of a crime, whenever either would internally worry about what would happen if they had to work side by side together again, I just felt irritated at them.

I did think that Christa had a compelling read, but it may have fared better with a longer format.

Book Blurb for Irish Kiss

For six months, Gavin has kept a tenuous hold on his desire for Cassidy, knowing policy forbids them from taking it to the next, inevitable stage. With their case all wrapped up and ready to go to trial, he is eager to pursue a deeper connection with her. A Saint Patrick’s Day party seems like the best place to explore their growing passion.
Not very successful in love, Cassidy is hoping to break the streak of bad luck in her relationships. She thinks Gavin could be her Mr. Right and sets out to intercept him at the pub. Instead, she finds herself in a tense situation.
Gavin intervenes and their passion flares wildly out of control. They barely make it to a private area before their desire ignites and their feelings are revealed. However, an unexpected predicament crops up. Cassidy is crestfallen at the possibility of losing what she found in Gavin’s arms.
Now that Gavin has finally claimed his woman, he will let nothing get in his way again. Whether it is the constraints of their law enforcement jobs or the issues from her past, he vows to stay by her side and shower her with his affection for as long as she wants him.
Now all he must do is prove it to her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75