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I can't quite put my finger on why Immorati as a whole didn't work for me.  Individually, the components of the story worked quite well.  I enjoyed the mythos behind both the Immorati race and the Corpesetti legends were also intriguing.  I loved the fact that it was set in the Pine Barrens/Pine Haven NJ (which is close to where I live) and that so much of what I remember hearing, as far as legends of the Jersey Devil, were in the story.  I thought Aiden and Edie made a really engaging couple.  What worked less for me was the coincidental nature of the plot.

The romance between Edie and Aiden felt contrived half of the time.  Their chemistry also felt all over the map, as if the author had trouble pinning down exactly what it was about them that clicked so much.  Aiden as an individual fared better--he was a strong capable leader (though he had his own doubts), he was loyal and he cared about how other people felt.  I genuinely enjoyed his scenes with Cletus or his brother Seth, I thought the three of them played off each other very well.  Edie, in her anthropological mode, was fun and interesting.  Perhaps because of her bloodline she never quite seemed thirty-five years old, but I think that was part of her charm for me. 

I wish there could have been more time spent on Hedric and Nanine's romance.  By necessity it was short--they were the catalyst for the story after all.  However the Romeo and Juliet nature of the relationship appealed to me, I didn't feel as if we were given satisfactory details about their secret relationship.

This was an interesting idea that was handled badly in some places.  I would definitely enjoy reading more about the Immorati and Pine Haven.  After all, I have to agree with what Edie said close to the beginning, why would a race of Immortals choose New Jersey, of all places, to live?

Book Blurb for Immorati

When the corpse of an unidentified species is found in the woods near Pine Haven, New Jersey along with a human female, anthropologist Edie Campbell is called in by local law enforcement and the medical examiner to help identify the strange humanoid male. The discovery of a heretofore unknown species is thrilling for Edie, up until she realizes the creature has recently mated with the human female.

Questions form with no apparent answers until Aidan LaMont arrives in Pine Haven to identify his cousin’s body. But the secretive Aidan hides as much of the mystery surrounding the strange creature as he explains. And Edie has no doubt that behind his simmering sexuality and amber eyes, he knows much more than he’s willing to tell.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.50