Halloween Romance

When I first got done with Halloween Romance I wasn't sure what to think. 

I definitely found comedy in the story, but I'm not certain that what I found to be comical was meant to be comical.  Ferdinand for instance was just hilarious.  Stereotypical in almost every way a vampire can be in today's vampire saturated media, I had a hard time taking him seriously. When one of his friends told him to stop being as emo as he was being, I found myself hoping he didn't, because I found his angst amusing.

The romance between Selene and Ferdinand was the best part of the story. Neither of them are fleshed out well, so growth of character happened in sporadic fits, but their relationship was as realistic as you can make it (considering its between a secret vampire and secret werewolf).  Some of their excuses to each other about cravings, weird habits and disappearances were particularly fun.  Ferdinand had it rougher I think since he had to make excuses for practically every day--Selene only had to worry about it one night of the month.

The rest of the book however left me feeling flat.  I wasn't particularly fond of any of the secondary characters, a major problem at the end just made me shrug and in the end I didn't feel a connection with either of the characters.

Book Blurb for Halloween Romance

Length: 38,700 words – 123 pages
Heat Rating: 1.5
Genre: paranormal romance
Selene believes Ferdinand would abandon her if he knew she was a werewolf, something that isn't supposed to exist. Ferdinand hides his vampirism from her for the same reasons, and must also hide from a world that thinks he's evil. He's just a melancholy English major who had a serious misadventure last summer. She's just a college student with a bizarre family history. A comedy of secrets and a romance of accepting what makes us different.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.25