Falling Through Glass

Going into Falling Through Glass I wasn't sure what to expect.  By in large my experiences with western written Asian historicals has been choppy, with some authors using movies as guidelines for behavior, etiquette and accuracy more then good old research.  The blurb caught my attention however since its set during one of my favorite time periods (the Edo Period) and its not strictly historical. 

At first the writing was very jarring and told more of the story then actually letting it flow.  There was a lot of exposition packed into the first few chapters, as we learned about Emiko's family, the reason she was with her 'Uncle' Jake and various things that had to do with Kaemon (back in 1864), but after Emmi (as she's commonly referred to) falls into the past the narrative smoothes out.

The author has written several other books that deal with Japanese culture (both present day and historical), and it shows in the details.  Everything from how an obi is correctly tied (and placed) to the appropriate under garments (the fudoshi men wore) proved the level of research Sheridan put into it.  I found the description of how the 19th century seamstresses managed to replicate Emmi's underwear and bra pretty amusing actually (and it sounded so much cooler too).

The romance between Emmi and Kaemon is up and down, depending on what side Kaemon believed her to be on.  This isn't to say the attraction wavered, but rather Kaemon was very much a man of his times and Emmi's every word fairly screamed 'Does. Not. Belong.' which meant only a handful of things and none of them good. 

Unfortunately by the end of the story exposition began to creep back into the narrative, replacing some scenes that I would have liked to have read about (such as when Emmi's 'Uncle' in the past explained things to Kaemon), but overall I enjoyed this book a lot and appreciate the fact it renewed my faith!

Book Blurb for Falling Through Glass

This is a Sterling Silver title.

Los Angeles
Present Day

Japanese-American Emiko Maeda set aside her film school studies following the sudden death of her father. At odds with her mother and burdened with the guilt over her role in the tragic accident, she moves in with her uncle Jake and comes into possession of an antique mirror. While accompanying Jake to Japan on a film shoot, Emmi is caught in a freak storm and plunged through time--into Feudal Japan and the world of samurai.

Kyoto, Japan

The city of Kyoto is ablaze with violence and on the brink of civil war. Nakagawa Kaemon is a young samurai with a secret. He gathers information on those who claim to “Revere the emperor” but harbor their own agenda to control the country. Kae is honor bound to execute anyone who poses a threat to the throne even if it is Emmi, the unusual young woman he has come to love.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.75