Daughters of Odin

"Kara" by Lyn Armstrong

What's a stubborn, prideful Goddess to do when her Father, the ALLFATHER of gods Odin himself, grounds her? Literally? Oh shack up with a hot Viking name Erik, put up with the pettiness of jealous servants, muck out the pigpens and save everyone from death, that's all. Kara (the character) was a vexing, mouthy, stubborn woman who definitely deserved to be a Viking's lover. I honestly would have liked to see more fall out after what Svala did, but I guess we should all just be happy that none of us are on the bad side of Kara.

"Mist" by Melinda Barron

Cold, heartless Mist gets thrown into Victorian London and the path of a man who would do anything to save his mother. I'll give Mist credit, she knew what she wanted and she went for it. No subtleness needed. I was less keen on the 'obey my every command' aspect of their bed play however; I'm okay with BDSM (which apparently Mist is as well, so long as she is Dom), but the clause Odin put on the amulets gave it a kind of ick feeling. I do appreciate that of the three sisters, Mist acknowledges that she's not mixing up 'love' with 'sex', but it could grow into something more if given time.

"Jola" by Ann Cory

Not so innocent Jola is found by the gallant vineyard owner Landon, whose brother is a troll of the worst sort. This was a sweet story, and until the very end, not as high on the sexual quota as its two predecessors. The ending was kind of stilted feeling. However, that would be expected with Jola talking very formally to her father and then the lovemaking not full of the passion. Plus, I think Landon's brother was a jerk--worse than a jerk he tried to force himself on Jola, but all he got was a single punch for it. He deserved worse.

In all I enjoyed the concept behind the stories, and the daughters were entertaining to read about, but the very short nature of each story didn't lend itself well to fleshing out the personalities and situations enough to warrant the sudden feelings of love. Other than Mist's story, the other two are already head over heels in love seconds after meeting the men! And as a personal nitpick, I would have liked more Norse mythology thrown in then just the usual suspects.

Book Blurb for Daughters of Odin

CATEGORY: Paranormal Erotic Romance, Time-travel.
ELEMENTS: Adult situations, Graphic language, and Strong sexual content.
LENGTH: Category

The father of all Gods must teach his three wayward daughters a lesson in humanity. With no options left, he sends them to different time periods on earth to retrieve hidden amulets. If a mortal man finds the pendant first, they must serve him until he willingly gives the amulet to his daughter. The Goddesses have until the winter solstice to return or they will lose their immortality and never see their sisters again.


Headstrong and superior, Goddess Kara did not know labor until enslaved by a handsome and obstinate Viking. Stranded without her powers in 9th century Scandinavia, she must seduce her virile master into giving her Odin's amulet before the winter solstice or she will not only lose her immortality she will lose her heart.

The strange but beautiful thrall perplexes Chieftain Erik Hallestrom. The girl insists she is a Goddess, yet she is a captured slave. All she wants is his amulet and to leave, yet their sensual nights together tell him otherwise. With his royal brother threatening to raid his colony, can he protect Kara from her delusions of divine heritage? Or will he have to sacrifice her for the safety of his people?


The Goddess Mist, daughter of Odin, is about to find her life drastically changed. Plunked down in the middle of Victorian London, she has only a few days to locate an amulet, or she'll lose her powers forever. She doesn't count on meeting gorgeous Albert, who is on a mission of his own.


Being a goddess isn't always a bed of roses.

Jola finds herself on Earth after being booted from her luxurious home on Asgard, all because her father, the great God Odin, feels she needs to learn a lesson. To get back home to her adoring sisters Mist and Kara, she must first locate her father's amulet before the Winter Solstice.

As she sets off on her quest, she runs into desirable Landon Thomas, who not only owns a grand estate and vineyard, but also holds her father's amulet in his possession. Using the fine art of seduction, Jola plans to convince him to give her the amulet, a plan that has potential, until Landon's overbearing brother Lloyd decides to step in and stir up trouble.

Jola must decide whether telling Landon the truth about her life back on Asgard will indeed be the key that sets her free, or if she needs to say goodbye to her immortal life altogether.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.75