Dancing in the Dark

Some of Dancing in the Dark has to be taken on faith and pushing aside common sense.  Up until Keri meets the man who will become her Master, I could believe that what she was doing was in character.  She wanted to spice up her life, was given a chance to and took it.  Certainly the chance was a little more than she expected, but she was very good at rolling with the punches so she made it work for her.  What struck me as odd was everything after meeting her Master, Alex.

Overwhelming attraction only takes you so far after all.  Even after she has a great night, reconsiders her options and realizes how insane she was acting--she continues.  Its important to mention that she knows next to nothing about this man.  He's great in the sack, makes her feel all sorts of pleasure, seems to be rolling in the money and goes by the name of Alex when he's around her...but otherwise she has no idea what he does.  This isn't to say he did some sort of suspicious behavior, but Keri acted more like her hormones were in control of her behavior.

We didn't see much of Alex outside of his and Keri's sessions until the very end of the story (discounting their initial meeting at the party).  As is to be expected he is hiding things from Keri, though I do agree to his reasoning (even if it was presumptuous slightly) for why he didn't explain to Keri who he was from the get-go, I wish we had more outside of Master time to get to know him better.

Book Blurb for Dancing in the Dark

Length: Novella
A humdrum life… Keri Montero lives a boring life. Work, TV, volunteering, and her quilting hardly make the stuff of fantasy and dreams.
A mistaken invitation… All this changes when she receives an invitation to a charity Halloween costume party to benefit the local opera house. She decides to go, even if the tickets are—gasp—$100 each.
A walk on the wild side… Her costume can be anything, and Keri decides to live on the wild side for once. Going as a submissive slave girl might invite trouble. But when she meets the man of her dreams, she decides to go even wilder. Keri wants to submit to his every…sexual…whim.
Publisher’s Note: Previously published in the Party Favors anthology.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.50