Black Dragon's Heart

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the protagonists, Jake and Sarah, pretty much find every excuse in the book (several large books) to have sex.  Literally at one point Sarah bats her eyelashes and Jake is so turned on he can't stand it--and this is after an entire night of lovemaking!  I was actually kind of amused because it was interesting to see all the different rationales the two came up with plus how long they could hold out with witty banter. 

There's a story in here, beyond how quickly the two of them could find some time alone, that only made a small amount of sense to me by the end.  It definitely felt as if Philmar had an idea she wanted to discuss, but her characters kept getting so sidetracked that any headway made into the plot itself was immediately forgotten.  Either because their hormones couldn't be kept under control, or the tragic incident happens or the fall out from the tragic incident is a never ending list as to why the plot moves forward once every twenty to thirty pages. 

I liked the character of Jake; he tries so hard and through no fault of his own, his mate is a ninny much of the time.  Sarah worries about the most angsty things.  I honestly couldn't understand how she went from the confident, sexy girl in the beginning--willing to do anything it took to con Jake into marrying her to the worrying 'He can't possibly still want to be with me!' girl later on.  Jake does everything under the sun to prove his enduring affection and lust, while Sarah thinks he's doing it because her brother ordered him to.

Jake had the patience of a saint with her!  I understood that Sarah had a lot of hang-ups, but they felt more like plot contrivances then real problems.  Rather than the age-old saying 'she could do no wrong' its really 'he could do no right'.  I felt really bad for him and really annoyed with Sarah.

In the end I was entertained while reading the book, but fighting irritation at Sarah the whole way.

Book Blurb for Black Dragon's Heart

Erotic Scarlet Rosebud (fantasy/futuristic, dragon )

Page Count: 184

Devoted chemist, Sarah VanHorn, lives for her research but fantasizes about loving Jake Ramsey. Her two worlds collide when the dragon center agent arrives to rescue her from the company suspected of producing chemicals dangerous to those with dragon blood.

Sarah's not the only one with fantasies. Jake wants Sarah as his mate and he's waited years to claim her. Now, under his protective custody--not to mention the influence of Syndetic's sexual stimulant scenting the air--he can't resist the fiery temptation to finally make her his.

But when tragedy strikes and their dreams are threatened, will Sarah sacrifice her career, Jake, and possibly her life to discover the answers? And will Jake let her?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.00