Awakening the Blood

To say I was surprised when D'iamonte came to life is an understatement.  The actual cause of his...return to life however far exceeded any surprise I felt over his restoration.  It was unconventional, and I'm not convinced entirely safe, to say the least.

Regardless the rest of the story proves to be refreshing and interesting.  Meara, of gypsy descent, doesn't take 'give up' easily.  After years of hiding who she is and what she can do, she's tired of it and just wants answers.  D'iamonte, after years of imprisonment by a lady with a temper and power to boot, just wants to enjoy himself in Meara's arms and hopefully avoid the lady who cursed him.

And get some revenge while he's at it, but that's just a pleasurable side activity.

I went back and forth on how I viewed D'iamonte.  He comes on very strongly towards Meara, making me wonder if he is perhaps the bad guy of the story and I was too dense to realize it.  It didn't help that Meara was scared half out of her mind either.  I found once she had come to terms with what had happened it was easier for me to see D'iamonte as a love interest, not a creepy stalker.

The end left me a little confused, mostly with how easily D'iamonte accepted things and expected them to turn around again.  Otherwise I think things worked out very well for the two.

Book Blurb for Awakening the Blood

Genre: Vampire Erotic Romance
Book Length: Novella
Heat Level: Hot
Word Count: 33,000

Reeling from her recent break up, Meara ditches a Halloween party held in a cemetery at the edge of town, and seeks out the one reliable man in her life - who just happens to be a statue with large bat wings. The winged man had always intrigued her, but that just seems to go along with her other idiosyncrasies – her ability to read emotions and dream the future.

Even after years imprisoned in marble, D'iamonte can feel and see everything that goes on around him. Most of the time, his encounters have been unpleasant, but when his beautiful young mortal comes calling, late one Halloween, he is surprised and pleased that she feels bold enough to crawl in to his lap and have her way with him.

Neither of them expects him to wake up.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.75