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Virtual Evil

Time Rovers - Book 2

Virtual Evil is the second book in the Time Rovers series. Since the action commences right after the end of the first book, I would recommend reading Sojourn first but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Ms. Oliver has constructed a compelling and interesting time travel novel that visits one of my favorite time periods, the Victorian era during the time of Jack the Ripper. We join Jacynda Lassiter as she foils an assassination attempt on the Prince of Wales at a dinner party. The perpetrator is none other than the greatest Time Rover, Harter Defoe. Jacynda must return him to 2057 for if she doesn’t she will be imprisoned. There is also the search for the anarchist that destroyed the shape-shifting doctor, Alistair Montrose’s clinic and injured his friend, police detective Jonathan Keats.

A lot is going on in this novel, several points of view and new terminology. Normally I find that confusing and hard to follow. Ms. Oliver does a great job of immersing you in her world without overwhelming you with an info dump. She shows you Victorian London and its inhabitants in a clear narrative. I enjoyed this book and will be hunting up Sojourn Time Rovers Book 1. Luckily, Madman’s Dance Time Rover Book 3 will be released in the Fall of 2008. If you enjoy mysteries with a dash of science fiction that this is a book you should try.

Book Blurb for Virtual Evil

The most dangerous assassin is the one you cannot see. Jacynda Lassiter’s latest assignment is a no-win situation: find Harter Defoe, the greatest of all Time Rovers, and return him to the future against his will. After he attempts an assassination at a posh Victorian dinner party, Jacynda is given an ultimatum—capture Defoe or spend the next decade in prison as punishment for her failure. When her mission is threatened by the shape-shifting Transitives, history veers on a new and dangerous tangent. To save herself and preserve England's future, Jacynda Lassiter must find a way to navigate through two centuries of intrigue to thwart an invisible evil. ISBN: 1-896944-76-0 (print)ISBN: 1-896944-78-7 (e-book)

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00