Until the Day You Die

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Until the Day You Die

This was an intense book. Right from the start, you know that bad stuff is going to happen. The tension is palpable and Ms. Wainscott is able to sustain it throughout the book.

We meet Maggie's sister Dana who is being stalked by Colin Masters. He has the skills to break into her house and watch her sleep, go through her things, and learn everything there is to know about her. One night the stalking escalates and he rapes and severely beats her. Maggie is furious that her sister's stalker might get away with his crime so she decides to lie in court about seeing him the night of the rape. Colin shifts his focus to Maggie and begins to stalk her, while awaiting his Grand Jury trial. Maggie's boyfriend, Marcus is the county attorney. He begins to distance himself from her claiming conflict of interest but Maggie knows that is not the only reason. The stalking increases, with Colin threatening Maggie's son, even though Colin is in jail awaiting sentencing. Marcus urges Maggie to go into hiding and she decides it is the best thing for her and her son. Three years later, Maggie is still in hiding. She feels safe since Colin got a long sentence. Then a feeling of unease begins to shadow her quiet little life. Is she just paranoid or is Colin back?

This was a great suspense book. Ms. Wainscott demonstrated the randomness of stalking and how it can escalate with chilling realism. I did have trouble at first with Maggie lying in court but I did identify with her desire to see justice for her sister. I urge anyone with a love of suspense to pick this one up, you won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Until the Day You Die


When Maggie Fletcher's sister is murdered, presumably by stalker Colin Masters, Maggie is left devastated-and furious. There isn't enough evidence to prove that Masters did it-unless Maggie falsely claims, under oath, that she saw him leaving the scene of the crime.


Maggie's testimony puts Masters behind bars-but also wrecks Maggie's life. When she and her teenage son move to a small New Hampshire town to start a new life, Maggie can't help but feel that she's being shadowed.


Someone is slowly, stealthily invading every part of Maggie's world, turning everything and everyone against her. Now Maggie fears that a faceless, merciless pursuer wants to make her pay for her lie-with her life.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.00