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The Dark Forgotten, Book 3

Ashe Carver is a monster hunter and she is darn good at it. With the death of her husband, she wanted to keep working and to keep her daughter, Eden, safe. So Ashe enrolled her daughter in a boarding school and went on with her work trying to bury her feelings of guilt. After a time, Ashe missed her daughter and needed to return to her family in Fairview. So she returned to the United States and found herself in the middle of custody battle with her in-laws. So hunting had to go in order to show the court that she was serious about being a mother. Captain Reynard is also facing a crisis of his own. A thief managed to break into a secret locked room in the Castle known only the Guards and took Reynard’s soul. If he doesn’t get it back within a matter of weeks, he will die. He needs Ashe’s help and who is she to turn down a gentleman in distress?

I loved this, the third installment in the Dark Forgotten series! Ashe is, at first glace, a kick butt warrior woman but as the story progresses you really see how sad, hurt, guilty she feels about her parents and her husband. Her relationship with her daughter is strained but you see how much she wants to be with Eden. I wasn’t sure I was going to like Ashe but by the third chapter I wanted to have a girl’s night out with her! And let’s not forget Reynard. When we met him in previous books, he was his job. That was his entire identity. I didn’t know if I would warm to him either but that didn’t last long at all. These two people have had a hard life and the burdens they carry brought tears to my eyes. I wanted so badly for them to get a happy ending. The secondary characters are all gems as well, especially Prince Miru-kai. His character was a lot of fun, a gray hat all the way which I always enjoy. This author has a gift for taking characters from previous books and transforming them into very real people with hopes and dreams and regrets. There is a great sense of humor that pops up throughout the book, as always, especially the librarian jokes. The Castle is a character all its own and it is reminiscent of the Troll Market from the movie Hellboy 2. Ms. Ashwood has again woven a remarkable tale. She seamlessly pulls all the various threads together for that a-ha moment. I highly recommend The Dark Forgotten books. This highly original series has earned a permanent place on my keeper shelf!

Book Blurb for Unchained

Faced with a custody battle for her daughter, monster-killer Ashe Carver has hung up her stakes and taken a job at the public library. But then after centuries guarding a supernatural prison, the dashing Captain Reynard strides into her world. He has only weeks to live unless Ashe finds the thief who took his soul-and he's too drop-dead gorgeous to die...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75