The Sharing Knife: Horizon

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The Sharing Knife: Horizon

Sharing Knife Series #4

This was the conclusion to a wonderful series and it didn’t disappoint. I am most sad to say goodbye to Fawn and Dag, Remo and Barr, Whit and Berry. If you haven’t picked up this series yet, don’t start at the end, I beg you.
We join Dag and Fawn as they journey to find a Lakewalker medicine maker who will train Dag. Through Fawn’s persistence she hears about a powerful medicine maker trainer named Arkady. Barr and Remo accompany them to the camp. After meeting with him, he accepts Dag as his apprentice but Fawn must stay hidden in Arcady’s home. This doesn’t sit well with Dag but Fawn insists that they stay, thinking it is only for a little while. Remo and Barr stay also. At that time, Dag is also told that no healing of farmers will be tolerated by the camp. Time passes and it is discovered that the apprenticeship will take two years! Dag insists that Fawn must be allowed to be with him so they do begin to work together in the medicine tent like he had always envisioned. Then they get word that a little farmer boy has contracted lockjaw. Dag knows he can help and goes. When the camp leader discovers this, he comes to the farmhouse and banishes Dag from the camp. That suits Dag and he makes plans to travel with some farmers back north to meet up with Whit and Berry. What follows is an amazing journey. Will Dag and Fawn finally find a place to call home?
Ms. Bujold has a wonderful talent for writing a good, solid book. She weaves an amazing tale and brings you along for the journey. Then a wonderful thing happens about three quarters of the way through the book. Bam! You are hooked into an incredible climax that you can’t turn away from. Everything is done so well, you never feel cheated. I have so enjoyed these books. The magic is unique and the people are so genuine. I am sad that this series had to end but I am hopeful that she might return to this world. 

Book Blurb for The Sharing Knife: Horizon

In a world where malices — remnants of ancient magic — can erupt with life-destroying power, only soldier-sorcerer Lakewalkers have mastered the ability to kill them. But Lakewalkers keep their uncanny secrets — and themselves — from the farmers they protect, so when patroller Dag Redwing Hickory rescued farmer girl Fawn Bluefield, neither expected to fall in love, join their lives in marriage, or defy both their kin to seek new solutions to the perilous split between their peoples.

As Dag's maker abilities have grown, so has his concern about who — or what — he is becoming. At the end of a great river journey, Dag is offered an apprenticeship to a master groundsetter in a southern Lakewalker camp. But as his understanding of his powers deepens, so does his frustration with the camp's rigid mores with respect to farmers. At last, he and Fawn decide to travel a very different road — and find that along it, their disparate but hopeful company increases.

Fawn and Dag see that their world is changing, and the traditional Lakewalker practices cannot hold every malice at bay forever. Yet for all the customs that the couple has challenged thus far, they will soon be confronted by a crisis exceeding their worst imaginings, one that threatens their Lakewalker and farmer followers alike. Now the pair must answer in earnest the question they've grappled with since they killed their first malice together: When the old traditions fail disastrously, can their untried new ways stand against their world's deadliest foe?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.25