Sweet Return

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Sweet Return

It was a pleasant surprise to find that Sweet Return was a straight contemporary. Joanna Walsh is a small town girl and is comfortable in her own skin. In order to make a living in such a small town in Texas, Joanna has several different businesses. The one taking up the most of her time is a free range egg business that her friend, Clova Cherry talked her into. The egg business becomes endangered when Clova's son, Dalton Parker comes home to help out on the family's cattle ranch and finds a bunch of chickens. There are some misunderstandings, some soul searching, and forgiveness. Not to mention, it is totally adorable how Joanna reacts to Dalton, a very nice touch.

This is a good solid contemporary. Joanna is a very likeable character and it was nice to have the heroine be over thirty and not interested in shoes. Dalton is a jerk at times but a likeable one. The misunderstandings are believable and didn't drag on. The secondary characters, especially Joanna's mom were good additions to the story. I found the story and the setting very easy to step into. Before I knew it, I was almost half way through the book. I am going to keep my eye on Ms. Jeffrey.

Book Blurb for Sweet Return

He's traveled the world, but renowned photojournalist Dalton Parker had his reasons for staying away from his family's Lazy P ranch. Now a family calamity has dragged him back to Hatlow, Texas, to help out-and face his past. But he's appalled to find that the cattle ranch has become home to a bunch of chickens. Obviously there's one woman to blame: Joanna Walsh-the most challenging woman he's ever met.

Ever since Dalton strutted back into town, he's done his best to make Joanna Walsh's life hell. Dead-set on moving her organic egg farm off the Lazy P, he riles her every chance he gets. Too bad his bad behavior doesn't stop her from falling for him-or stop him from trying to get her into his bed. Yet when she learns the dark secrets of his troubled past, she yearns to show him why returning home can be so deliciously sweet.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50