Servant: The Kindred

Servant Series, Book 3

In Servant: The Kindred, third in the series, Gabrielle Cody has finally chosen to take on the task of building a relationship with Luther. She has moved into his house and was about to explore their sexual attraction. But again, her life as a paladin, protecting the innocent interferes and it is the worst possible time. Luther follows her out into the night but she is too late. The man dies and his killer escapes. But this is no ordinary killer; this is an individual so evil that drinking blood and dining on human flesh is how he gets his kicks. She needs to find him, stop him before he puts a child on the menu! Will Luther be able to accept that Gaby is the only one who can stop this evil before it is too late? Will Gaby be able to accept that she can be a woman and a paladin, that Luther doesn’t weaken her but makes her stronger?


Lori Foster, a.k.a. L.L. Foster is a very skillful writer. She takes an orphaned woman warrior for God and makes you believe. Where you would normally sit back from this and say yeah, right this is believable, Ms. Foster creates a hopeful, butt-kicking, bad guys-get-what-they-deserve story! Page-turning intensity is the hallmark of this series. Gaby is perhaps a little too innocent for someone who has lived on the streets, with hookers, and hunts demons as her vocation, but Ms. Foster makes it an endearing quality in a woman who doesn’t seem to have a womanly bone in her body. But for all her ferociousness, she does have some softer emotions that she is finally displaying. The love scenes between Gaby and Luther are smoking hot! Gaby reminds me of the main character Max on the short lived show Dark Angel and I loved that show. Gaby knows she is more skillful, stronger, faster, and more capable and it shows in every encounter with the bad guys. This series is not for the faint of heart as the underbelly of society is front and center. It has a lot in common with the graphic novels that Gaby draws and writes. As the heroine, you know that Gaby will always prevail and there is comfort in that surety when she is in such dangerous situations. I truly hope this isn’t the end of Gaby and Luther.

Book Blurb for Servant: The Kindred

In the 3rd installment of the Servant series, Gabrielle Cody finds herself living with super-detective Luther Cross, while also hunting a deranged killer who wants to be a vampire. Blood drained bodies are left in the wake of a murdering spree. Because the homeless, transient and addicted are targeted, it makes it very difficult for Luther and the rest of the police force to track down the villain.

But for Gaby, finding the psychopath is only a small part of the difficulty. This lunatic knows Gaby, in some ways better than she knows herself.

Is it possible a long lost relative has located her?

With family ties involved, and Luther’s nearness interfering with her perception of evil, Gaby is up for her biggest challenge – both as a paladin, and a woman experiencing the first hint of love.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.50