Second Skin

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Second Skin

A Nocturne City Novel, Book 3

Oh my gosh, was this good! Second Skin opens with Luna on the job, only now she is an officer with SWAT after the events in Pure Blood got her demoted. She is at the scene of a jumper and the official negotiator fails. The man who jumps to his death is a John Doe. After dropping her SWAT gear and washing up to go home, she is surprised and annoyed to find her arch enemy Detective David Bryson waiting for her. He has landed a big case with several dead weres. The weres want to make Bryson disappear almost as much as Luna does. He begs her for her help on the case. She refuses and goes home to fight with Dmitri. That seems to be all they do anymore. He wants to protect her, make her a Redback. That is the last thing that Luna wants. What she wants is her job as a detective back so against her better judgment she decides to help Bryson. What is really going on is way bigger than either of them anticipated. Will Luna survive this case and get her gold shield back or will she finally kill Bryson and do the world a favor?
What I love about Luna is that she is true to her nature. She makes no excuses, she is a witch with a b and doesn’t care if you like it or not. But there are reasons for that attitude that come to light, slowly and oh so well done. Dmitri is sexy but they just don’t see eye to eye on anything. Bryson asking Luna for help was priceless. Talk about the most unlikely partnership, and boy was it a blast! I really enjoy the fact that Luna makes mistakes, she isn’t perfect. She doesn’t know everything and that puts her on equal footing with the reader. I loved the ending but I had to keep myself from reading the teaser in the back for Witch Craft (otherwise I would be intolerable until it is available). Ms. Kittredge keeps getting better and better with each book. If you aren’t reading this series, you should be!

Book Blurb for Second Skin

When werewolves from Nocturne City’s oldest packs start showing up shot through the head execution-style, police officer Luna Wilder must find out what’s killing them and why…before she becomes the next victim.


Luna traces the killings to a band of shapeshifters made of smoke and shadow who drink the blood of their victims for strength. Believed to exist only in legend, their race is all too real—and now their leader, Lucas Kennuka, is out to wrest Luna’s heart from her beloved Dmitri. To make matters worse, Dmitri is suffering from a mysterious illness brought on by a demon bite, and his condition grows more grave with each passing day. Now Luna must rely on Lucas to defeat an invisible enemy—a serial were-killer bringing death and destruction to all who stand in its path…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.50