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Greywalker, #7

Every time I sit down with a Kat Richardson novel, I have every confidence that I will be creeped out in the best possible way. Seawitch is no exception. Harper has grown so much since the beginning of this series. She tries so hard to learn from her mistakes, a refreshing change in this genre. One of the best parts of this book is the appearance of Detective Ray Solis. A previously minor character, he regarded Harper with suspicion at every encounter. We get up close and personal with Detective Solis and I hope that we see more of the good detective from here on out. I loved watching them work together and grow into friends. I must say, Ms. Richardson has the knack for doing so much research, literally grounding her books in reality that the supernatural elements become more plausible. This amps up the spooky factor as well. The mystery at the core of this book was very cool and the resolution was well done. I thoroughly enjoyed Seawitch and can’t wait to see what is next for Harper, Quinton, and the gang.

A ship, lost to the sea for 25 years, makes its way into the harbor with no one on the bridge. The crew and the passengers are nowhere to be found except for some blood used to draw symbols in one of the cabins. The insurance company that paid out the claim on the ship hires Harper to investigate what happened. The police call on Detective Solis to investigate as well, as there is blood found in several places. Harper and Solis must work together; trust in each other as they follow the trail of the Seawitch to uncover what really happened. What could possibly be waiting for them, out at sea?

Book Blurb for Seawitch

A quarter century ago, the Seawitch cruised away from her dock and disappeared with everyone on board. Now, the boat has mysteriously returned to her old berth in Seattle and the insurance company has hired Harper to find out what happened. But Harper is not the only one investigating. Seattle Police Detective Rey Solis is a good cop, albeit one who isn’t comfortable with the creepy cases that always seem to end up in Harper’s lap. As Solis focuses on the possible murder of a passenger’s wife, Harper’s investigation leads her to a powerful being who may be responsible for the disappearance of the Seawitch’s passengers and crew.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00