Scorched : The Dark Forgotten

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Scorched : The Dark Forgotten

Dark Forgotten Series, book 2

Scorched is the sequel to Ravenous. Parts of the synopsis contain spoilers for the first book. Also, don’t try to read Scorched until reading Ravenous or you will be hopelessly lost.
Conall Macmillan has a lot of problems, well, one big problem that caused the other ones. Mac used to be a cop and a good one. He enjoyed what he did and wanted to keep on doing it. Unfortunately, he encountered Geneva who kissed him and transformed him into a soul eating demon. When she was destroyed at the end of Ravenous, Mac was cleansed of his demon hunger but still isn’t completely human. Now he has no job, no family, no friends and no purpose. Alessandro, the hero from Ravenous, is the vampire enforcer of the supernatural community. He tracks down Mac because he feels that a partial demon running around is eventually going to fall of the soul eating wagon. So he throws Mac into the Castle, the supernatural equivalent of Alcatraz. Luckily, Mac knows how to get out. But before he can leave he meets Constance, a vampire who has never tasted human blood. A couple hundred years ago, Constance was a milkmaid who was turned and then immediately imprisoned in the Castle. Constance needs help because her adopted son has been kidnapped. She asks Mac for help and he can’t resist this damsel in distress. In order to get to the bottom of the situation, Mac must spend a lot of time in the Castle which has some unforeseen consequences. Mac needs to help Constance but the cost might be his humanity.
The world of the Dark Forgotten is a unique place; it puts the fantasy in urban fantasy with a dash of romance. Mac is a genuinely good guy who fell hip deep into a bad situation. Now he is trying to reclaim his life without much success. When Constance asks for his help it made him feel like he still had a purpose. I really enjoyed seeing Mac come to terms with his circumstances and make it work for him. Constance is a sweet woman who has had a miserable un-life. Except for the magazines that have been smuggled in, she has had no contact with the outside world. As the story unfolds, she realizes that she isn’t trapped in the role of a milkmaid. She is a woman who can use her abilities, have a relationship with Mac and save her son. This is a solid story. I enjoy seeing the world unfold as there are more encounters with the rest of the supernatural citizens of Fairview. I liked how things were resolved. It is obvious Ms. Ashwood respects her readers. She really thinks about how to reach the happy ending without insulting my intelligence with a too convenient ending. There was a great side story with Alessandro and Holly when Holly’s long lost sister, Ashe comes to town. It is unfortunate that she is a vampire slayer and wants to stake Alessandro for getting involved with her sister. I suspect that Ashe will be a main character in the next book Unchained which arrives in July 2010. I am looking forward to it!

Book Blurb for Scorched : The Dark Forgotten

Ex-detective Macmillan has a taste for bad girls, but his last lover really took the cake—and his humanity. Now a half-demon, Mac's lost his friends, his family, and his job. Then a beguiling vampire asks for his help to find her son. Suddenly, Mac has a case to work—one that leads him deeps into the supernatural prison where Mac learns that cracking the case will cost him his last scrap of humanity.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.25