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Rx for Submission

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The only way I can think to start my review is Wow! This was a quickie of a story filled with hot sex and sweet emotion. Selina Harrison is a member of an exclusive BDSM club in Dallas. While she is a sexual dominant, she has longed to take orders from another dominant member, Dr. Tom Latimere. Tom is an anesthesiologist who leads a double life. On the surface he is a successful doctor and a member of Dallas high society. He is longing to have some stability in his life and settle down. He has even picked out the woman for her ability to fit into his public life but she doesn't like his piercings or the type of sex Tom craves. Tom becomes intrigued with Selina after an encounter at the club and asks to see her in the real world. Selina was abused in a previous relationship but luckily she is up front with Tom and she doesn't use it as an excuse to push him away. For all of Tom's sexual dominance, he is a sweet and caring guy.

I learned a lot about BDSM reading this story. I confess I had to look up a term referring to a piercing Tom had called a guiche. I had heard of a Prince Albert piercing but guiche was outside my realm of knowledge.

This book is the second in a series but I don't think it's necessary to read them in order. Ms. Jacobs' creates hot encounters but doesn't scrimp on relationship development. My only disappointment is the story wasn't longer. I would have enjoyed hearing more about the two of them. I will definitely be going to pick up Ms. Jacob's other work and would urge everyone to do the same.

Book Blurb for Rx for Submission

Anesthesiologist Tom Latimore is confused. He's not supposed to be attracted to a Goth chick with a piercing through her eyebrow and tattoos on her tush. After all, he's a respected member of the Dallas medical community, and he can't imagine Selina fitting in with his colleagues' wives at holiday parties at the hospital where he's chief resident of anesthesiology. Tom is also a sexual Dominant, and Selina's caught his eye as a club Domme at Members Only, his favorite dungeon.

Selina is a dichotomy for Tom. Yet the more he sees her, the more he burns for her.

He likes the feel of her pierced tongue on his cock, the taste of her honey on his tongue. Besides all that, she makes him laugh and forget about his worries when they hang out together away from her job and his own.

So what's a guy to do when the woman -- and not the one he thought he'd always dreamed of, but finds himself doing so anyway -- offers to make the Switch?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.75