Ride a Cowboy

I don't know of any woman who can resist a cowboy. I usually find relationship development to be a little thin in short stories. Not so with Ride a Cowboy. Ms. Devlin manages to give us the satisfaction of falling in love as well as the fantasy of hot sweaty sex with a sexy cowboy. At only seventy-six pages it is best to settle in and read the whole thing in one satisfying gulp. This was classified as erotic and it was! The sex scenes are wonderfully vivid. I suggest having the air conditioning on full blast, otherwise you might get heat stroke!

Book Blurb for Ride a Cowboy

Katelyn Carter came to rural Texas to lick her wounds and start over after her failed marriage, but a sexy young cowboy seems determined to show her that love is still in the cards for this single librarian.

Sheriff's deputy Daniel Bodine answers a 911 call to remove a rattlesnake from his new neighbor's bedroom. What he finds is an embarrassed Katelyn, dressed in little more than her pretty pink blushes. One little omission later, and he's working for the lady as her handyman.

Burned once by a man, Katelyn fights her growing attraction but finds Daniel more temptation than she can resist. When he shows her he knows his way around a woman's body as well as he does a hammer and a saw, she takes a walk on the nasty side, vainly hoping she can keep her heart free of entanglement.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 4.00