On the Prowl


Usually, I find that anthologies are not worth the price. You usually buy them for one or two of the authors and the others have been tacked on in the hopes that you will like them and buy their other titles. That is not the case with On the Prowl.

Ms. Briggs' story, Alpha and Omega, takes place in the same world as Moon Called and Blood Bound. While Mercy isn't the focus of this story, it is just as compelling. We get a closer look at Sam's brother, Charles, who is the enforcer for his father, the Marrok. He comes to Chicago to investigate the local pack on a tip from a member. Anna, the member who called the Marrok, is the lowest member in the pack. She was made a werewolf without permission and has been living a nightmare ever since. Charles recognizes Anna for what she is the moment he meets her in the airport, a rare Omega meant to be treasured by the pack. He is more than eager to find out what is really going on in the Chicago pack.

I won't go into more details for obvious reasons. I was really impressed with this story and how Ms. Briggs handled it. I was left wanting more of Charles and Anna but didn't feel cheated as I sometimes do with short stories. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops. I was always a fan of Sam but Charles is my new crush!!!

Ms. Wilks' story, Inhuman takes place in the same world as her Lupi books. Magic has awakened in our world with far reaching results. Kai is a young woman trying to cope with her gift. She sees emotions as colors and tells her friends that she is an empath. She knows that she is something else entirely. Her friend, Nathan, is also hiding his real nature. He has slowly revealed parts of himself to Kai but full disclosure doesn't occur until Gifted people start dying and Kai becomes a suspect. This was a great intro to some new characters. I really enjoyed the fact that Kai and Nathan start out good friends before their relationship progresses further. The mystery of their true natures unfolds nicely without dragging. I look forward to reading more about these two.

Buying Trouble by Karen Chance was wonderful. I had not picked up her vampire series; Touch the Dark and Claimed by Shadow only because I am a little tired of the vampire genre. But after reading this story, I can see why she has such a strong following. Reading a story in the first person is occasionally difficult for me but Ms. Chance made it painless. We meet Claire at her place of work, an occult auction house. Claire is unusual in that she is a null and overwhelmingly attracted to the Fey, sexually. So it is inconvenient when one shows up during an auction. When a cousin of hers shows up to kill her in order to inherit the family business and she discovers that she is part of the auction that things get really interesting. Ms. Chance makes it effortless to step into Claire's world. I really hope that we see another story or even a full book about Claire.

Sunny's contribution, Mona Lisa Bet wining, is obviously part of her enjoyable Mona Lisa Series. It takes place after the events in Mona Lisa Blossoming. In case you haven't read the books, you probably don't want to start here, as you would be terribly lost. The story arc for Mona Lisa is continued nicely but makes me yearn for the next novel. Princess Lucinda makes a bigger appearance here that will whet the appetite for Sunny's next book; Lucinda, Darkly.

This was a magnificent anthology. Kudos to the powers that be that put this together.

Book Blurb for On the Prowl

These all-new paranormal romances from today's hottest authors feature a female werewolf who comes into her own; a Lord who crosses paths with a fiery mage; a mixed-blood Child of the Moon who faces an uncertain future; and a woman whose sixth sense proves to be a dangerous talent.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.25