No Rest for the Witches

I picked up this anthology because I was intrigued by the title. There are not a lot of paranormals out there that I will pick up anymore. They have to strike a chord, hook me from the get go or I walk away. So when I saw an anthology that was focusing on witches, I was thrilled that it wasn't about vampires. All the authors, MaryJanice Davidson, Lori Handeland, Cheyenne McCray, and Christine Warren are all established paranormal authors with ongoing series. With the exception of MaryJanice Davidson's entry, "The Majicka", all the others take place in their respective worlds.

So I will start with "The Majicka" since it is the first story in the anthology. This was a very cute, engaging read. It had all the wit and charm that we come to expect from Ms. Davidson. I usually think when I read a cute short story, why didn't they make this into a full-length book? With "The Majicka" I thought "What a well done story!" I was completely satisfied by the story of Micah, Ireland, and her roommates. It takes a talented author to do that in seventy-seven pages.

In "Voodoo Moon" by Lori Handeland, the talent just keeps rolling. The author was able to give me the creeps right from the get go. It reminded me of the show Supernatural, that same uneasy don't know what to expect feeling. Special Agent Dana Duran as well as Julian Portier intrigued me. I would love to see them again in a full-length story, but if it isn't in the cards, I am pleased to have encountered them here. Julian Porter is depicted so well that I wanted to take a bite out of him. Since this is part of her Moon series, I am going to have to go back and get the books I have missed. Kudos to Ms. Handeland for making it possible to enjoy this short story without having read the previous books.

"Breath of Magic" by Cheyenne McCray was the sexiest story in the bunch. I have read some of Ms. McCray's work from Ellora's Cave and she writes some of the hottest love scenes in the business. I have not picked up any of the Magic series but it would probably be helpful if you do so before reading this story. I wasn't lost as the author explains along the way but there is a story arc that is continued from the two previous books.

The final story was "Any Witch Way She Can" by Christine Warren. This was the hardest story of the bunch to get into. I have read only one of Ms. Warren's Other series and lucky that I did. Characters from that book appear in this story. I found the story a little too fluffy and the attraction, while believable, seemed too rushed even for a short story.

All in all, this was a fun anthology. I would definitely like to see this group all together again for another anthology.

Book Blurb for No Rest for the Witches

MaryJanice Davidson

"The Majicka"

Life's a bit crowded for Ireland and her roommates-a fairy, a werewolf, a vampire, and now a zombie.especially when a mysterious man walks through the door. Will there be any room left for love?

Lori Handeland

"Voodoo Moon"

For Devil's Fork-based FBI Agent Dana Duran, the only way to fight a supernatural serial killer just may be to embrace life. But little did she know that voodoo could be so viciously sexy.

Cheyenne McCray

"Breath of Magic"

San Francisco's witches are in an epic battle. But even if Sydney can use her sultry ways and ancient Druid powers to save the world, can she risk losing her heart to handsome warrior Conlan?

Christine Warren

"Any Witch Way She Can"

A desperately lonely witch decides to take matters of love into her own hands when she casts a cosmic personal ad.only to find that the perfect formula for love is a strange brew indeed.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.75