Night's Rose

Rosemarie Edenburg has been a hunter for the Fey de la Nuit for several lifetimes. She is The Sleeping Beauty brought back to life but it definitely wasn’t a fairy tale. She hunts ogres, trying to wipe them from the earth. That is why she is referred to as the scourge of the tribe, Briar Rose. Now a large number of ogres have traveled to England and Rosemarie follows pretending to be her own granddaughter. She must find out what they are planning. Her fey advisor and only constant in her long life, Ambrose unexpectedly starts to act as though he has an emotional attachment for her just as Lord Shenley, a vampire is expressing his interest. Then it becomes obvious that there is something huge and sinister being planned by the ogres. How will Rosemarie stop the ogres and discover where her heart truly lies? Will she discover in time how to save her self, the world and have a happily ever after?
This was an intense book. Rosemarie’s life is slowly revealed throughout the book. Ms. Evans was very creative in showing us how Sleeping Beauty’s life could have turned out. The sex scenes are very raw, earthy and wonderful. The characters are very genuine and appealing. I also liked the fact that this was the first historical urban fantasy I had encountered. The mythology was well researched but not overdone. The feel of the time period was subtle and spot on! I am hoping by the way this ended that we might see more of Rosemarie and the guys. But if not, I will be happy with whatever Ms. Evans’ brings to us next.

Book Blurb for Night's Rose

An unusual spin on Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty, Night's Rose is the story of an ogre-slaying countess and the two men in her life--a proud fey lord and an irreverent vampire.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.25