Night Shift

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Night Shift

A Jill Kismet Novel

This was an amazing start to a new series by the wonderous Lilith Saintcrow. If you haven't picked up her previous series, Dante Valentine, go and get it. If you have read her previously, Jill Kismet has a lot in common with Dante in that she is a kick butt, hard as nails woman with scars on her soul. Jill is a hunter, protecting her city and her people from the nightside and its demons. In order to do that job to the fullest she made a bargain with one of those demons. Her strength and endurance are put to the test when an unknown creature comes to town and starts killing cops.

Jill is an amazing character. She works in conjunction with the police and the Feds, who are usually Weres. Weres are any of several species that shapeshift into an animal. They are strong, physically beautiful and share a lot of attributes with the Native Americans. This was a really intriguing aspect that I look forward to learning more about. Hunters always work the night shift and are unable to take Communion but when they die have the right to be buried in sacred ground. It is these wonderful little details that illustrate the sublime world building. I love the fact that Ms. Saintcrow never info dumps. She lets the story unfold naturally and it seems effortless. Ms. Saintcrow is incomparable in constructing flawless fight scenes that you can see in your mind's eye. They would translate beautifully to the big screen. I easily slipped into Jill's world and wanted to stay. I made myself slowly savor this book as I think it is going to be a few months before the second book is available. Obviously I will be waiting impatiently to find out what is in store for Jill next.

Book Blurb for Night Shift

A new heroine hits the hot urban fantasy scene in this spectacular new series about an exorcist by Lilith Saintcrow.

When things go bump in the night, I bump back. Hard.

Every city has a hunter -- someone brave enough, tough enough, and fearless enough to take on the nightside. Santa Luz is lucky. They've got Jill Kismet. With a hellbreed mark on her wrist and a lot of silverjacket ammo, she's fully trained and ready to take on the world.

Except the world isn't the problem. The problem is hellbreed thinking they can run her town, and a clutch of nightmarish murders. It looks like a rogue Were is killing his way through Santa Luz, and he's got help. So does Jill--but help isn't what this new hunter needs. She needs a miracle. But miracles are in short supply. Better stick with more ammo...

Welcome to the Night Shift...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00